my kid isn’t sleeping…

which is really, really rare.  we did sleep in late this morning and we are both feeling a little under the weather.

so while he’s not sleeping and i’m waiting for him to come find me again i thought i’d try to design a little print for our guest room/nursery.  still leaning towards girl and found some beautiful prints on Etsy (of course) but are just too expensive for us right now.  i’m not claiming to be a designer, by any means!, but as a small print i think it comes across and sweet and simple…pretty much my style in everything. feel free to Right Click then Save and print as 4×6 or 5×7 (you might want to print from a photo place to save some ink) and place in a white, matted frame for a bedside table or as a filler on the wall.


deuteronomy 4:34

we were licensed on tuesday, june 26th.

we got a call for a placement on friday, june 29th.

he is 7 months, sweet as can be, and has a chronic illness.

his name is baby T.

life has drastically changed since then.

i haven’t figured out how to blog since my whole day is spent with my kiddos.

(and i’m not going to share much about our foster placement to protect his privacy)

so this will have to do for now.

i found 2 new fonts i really like (thanks, always, to my hubby for showing me cool stuff) and wanted to make a print for the baby’s room.

i hope to get better at incorporating colors while still keeping it clean and simple, but i’m just not there yet.  i couldn’t commit to another color so i stuck with white.

i realize this is found in the Old Testament and specifically talks about being brought out of Egypt, but, just go with me here…

this has JESUS written all over it.

God uses ‘god’ (lowercase ‘g’) to speak about idols.  has an idol EVER been through trials for you, performed miracles, died for you, forgiven you, fought for you?

because Jesus has.

the new Covenant is hard to accept because it’s not about what I have done

(sacrifices, keeping the commandments, praying the right way, going to church, memorizing scripture, etc),

but what He has done/going to do for me.

oh, how He loves.