project 52: week 15

something i love: organization!!!

if you know me then you know i love to get organized! we’ve been spending our free saturday and sunday afternoons (which haven’t been very many) cleaning up the garage to get prepared for a yard sale. as the date nears for the sale i started thinking about all the places in our house that need to be cleaned out AGAIN…cause i LOVE purging. i love knowing that everything has its special place. and yeah, i have that one junk drawer in the kitchen but i know what’s IN that junk drawer.

anyway, one of the spaces that was totally stressing me out was our office closet. we are starting to spend more time in the office (which we love) so i thought it was time to get organized! and dane, being married to me and knowing how much i love to organize, bought us some shelves from target to put in the closet!!!! i wish i had a before picture. not that i would post it because it was pretty bad. i used to want to just be a newborn photographer so i had all of my props, blankets, and bean bag stuff in there. yikes!

see, i’m not too type A or my shelves would be neater. i’m pretty sure i shoved a few blankets and bags in there. ha! everything has a place and that’s all that matters! and look! my sewing machine is out! i haven’t used it in months. i love opening the closet to see it just waiting there for me! and my favorite part is the top left shelf (the empty one) because that’s where the cameras go. usually we leave them out on our desks or put them away in their bag which isn’t always easily accessible. now, when caleb does something cutesy we can just grab and go. and our desks stay clean!

i’m in my happy place once again. 🙂


project 52: week 14

place i love: central market!

we love visiting central market for dinner on occasion throughout the year, but especially in the spring and summer. they have nice places to sit outdoors and enjoy the weather, band, and free refills.

a few pics taken on our visit this past weekend. bebe hasn’t been his usual peppy self.  i’m thinking he’s getting some more teeth. he only has 4 and he’s almost 1. he will chew on anything he can get his hands on!

my baby and baby daddy. down one of my favorite aisles: sweets!



project 52: week 13

something i love: ME!!!

haha. although, that is true when i think about all the ways i am selfish…this post is really more about my love for my new iMac!

thought i would take a pic using my iMac.

this is our office. you can tell (a little bit) that dane sits directly behind me, facing the other wall. he’s got guitars, recording gear, and computers all over the place.

me? oh, i’ve got all the little things.  paper clips, print outs, discs, camera gear, photos, boxes, crafty stuffs, things to be sorted, filed, and put away.

at times our office is a mess, but we’ve kept it around (even though we have one bebe we have a 3 bedroom house!) because we enjoy having it so much. this is where we lived back in lubbock.  we spent all our free time staring at computer screens.  my little macbook just couldn’t keep up with my demands after having caleb.  he would go down for a nap and i was trying to get a whole week’s worth of stuff done in one hour.  it was sooo slow and i was having to constantly dump everything on my external hard drive to make room for new pics (i mean, i just had a new baby! where was i going to put all those pics?)

i had my macbook for 3.5 years!  it was essential for my business and i hate to see it go (don’t worry, it’s just in the next room. dane has already taken over and cleaned it all out. it’s in good hands.) but, man oh man, is my new iMac absolutely breathtaking! the newness hasn’t wore off so it’s like christmas every time i walk into the office.

(and and that’s me at 10:30 in the morning. i’m wearing my shirt dress as pj’s. i was editing while caleb napped. no makeup and i didn’t brush my hair or teeth.  GOOD MORNIN’ y’all!)


project 52: week 12

things i love: dressing my baby in whatever i want!

i usually shy away from clothing with words or sayings. i don’t want to be putting words into his little mouth. and most of the time those shirts are really cheesy anyway. not to mention very disrespectful to your baby (in my opinion). so we stick to stripes and solids most of the time.

but, when my friend kelsey found this shirt at thrift town i just couldn’t resist.

words are totally ok on baby shirts if they’re 100% true.

side note: this is a sneak peak from his birthday invitation shoot! and we put that shirt on backwards since aqua, red, and white are his party colors.

project 52: week 11

catching up (again):

a place i love: blanket time on the grass in our front yard.

caleb is now crawling EVERYWHERE. it is so much fun! he loves to just crawl up and down the hall. he loves to visit me in the kitchen. and by the coffee table.

but, when he’s outside…he just sits.  he just sits and takes everything in. the car doors slamming, the birds chirping, and the wind blowing.

unless he sees a dandelion and then he crawls to get it.

and then shakes it. and then eats it.

we’ve been able to do this several times a day and it is so much fun!


project 52: week 10

i think i am a week behind!

i have more photos…just need to find some time to sit down and get them together!

thing i love: bath time!

this is daddy’s job. he took over bath time about 5 months ago, but every once in awhile things get pretty crazy and i end up giving caleb a bath during the day. we have THE WORST lighting in our bathroom! it’s such a bummer, too, because babies are always so happy when they’re around water! anyway, once we get a house of our own, ALL of our rooms will be well lit.

anyway, he is such a little explorer now that he’s crawling. he’s having to learn that he can’t really use his new found skills while in the slippery tub!

i love that top photo where his face is wet. those eyes/eyelashes just get me every time i look at him!

i LOVE being able to play with my little man leisurely during bath time. i am so thankful it doesn’t have to be rushed. i’m also thankful for a loving husband who took on this ‘job’ so that i could prepare dinner and finish up last minute chores from the day. it’s so fun listening to their chatter, singing, splashing, and squealing down the hall!

project 52: week 9

something i love: down time

dane started his new job this week. it’s about a 50 minute drive from where we live (in little to moderate traffic). add that on top of not having a car all week and our afternoon routine has been completely shot.

since caleb goes to bed around 7:30 and we start the whole feed, bathe, change, reading around 6:00 it doesn’t leave much room for quality family time with all three of us. usually one of us is with caleb while the other is preparing dinner, running errands, etc.

i know it has to be frustrating for dane when the second he comes home we have a long line of things ‘to do’. things will calm down and we will settle into a new routine that works well for all of us.

but, i am so thankful for those random moments when you’re lying on the floor next to your family just laughing at the funny faces the baby makes.


they are so very precious to me.

project 52: week 8

the last two week’s projects have coincided with photo sessions. on those weeks, i find myself shooting less outside of work (that’s why i only do one session a week) which is kind of sad.

this week, though, i was able to find some hidden passion after one of my mamatography workshops and picked up my camera to capture my baby CRAWLING for the first time!

something i love: watching my baby learn and grow

i’m only posting one photo since i will be doing a full 10 month blog post soon!

he started crawling a day before his 10 month birthday! it’s so fun to watch him. he still wobbles, but when he finally gets to his destination (or toy) he smiles a big triumphant smile and it makes me laugh.

(look at his leg…he’s coming to get me!)



project 52: week 7

place i love: the couch!

each morning caleb and i eat breakfast on the couch. afterwards, i read the bible while he plays with a spatula (or some other miscellaneous toy) and then we cuddle, tickle, laugh for a few minutes until i put him on the floor for playtime. sometimes, we’ll hang out longer if i’m in the mood for watching a morning show.

one morning, the light was coming in just perfectly and i knew i wanted to remember this sweet time with my boy.

he loves giving hugs and kisses. and being in your lap. he is just the happiest boy.

project 52: week 6

(i’m trying to catch up!)

things i love: eye shadow

well, really all kind of eye makeup. eyeliner, mascara, and eye shadow.

this week’s photo is very surface level. and somewhat vain. ha! but, it’s something i love. i don’t wear much makeup. no foundation and no blush. and i only wear eye makeup if we are going out for fellowship or a date.

i guess that’s why i like it so much. i wear it on ‘special’ occasions.

which is usually only three days a week right now.

it truly is my adult ‘dress up’ time and it’s kinda fun!