this song is in my brain…forever

ok, i’ll admit…i don’t like when people embed videos in their blogs because i usually read everything on my phone and sometimes videos just have a hard time loading. i have a baby and mombrain. let’s face it. i don’t need to be anywhere near a computer for long periods of time. that’s why these posts are short and sweet. 🙂

but, but, this song is so fun. and you know that if i am taking time to embed this video from youtube, you KNOW i highly recommend spending 2 minutes and listening to it! (especially if you have kiddos!)

i’m kicking myself for not hearing this months ago and doing a little slideshow or video of caleb when he was ‘5 days old’!

(video notes: the volume is too low…crank up the speakers! and there’s a 15 second ad in the beginning. other than that…good luck keeping this out of your head)