confessions of a mom brain chapter 6

for the month of july, we only had one car.

i loved it.  we used less gas and lived a simpler life.

dane would take it to work because he leaves at 5:30am and caleb told me he just couldn’t do 5:30 in the morning anymore.  he said his newborn days were over and he was a growing boy who needed his sleep and could i please pass him his buddy bear.

i, naturally, told dane how devastated i was, but it was in caleb’s best interest if we just stayed home all day without a car.

and sleep in until 7.

anywho, we had a pretty good routine down that month of when i would run errands, etc.

groceries were on sunday afternoons.  after church.  and after cutting coupons in the sunday paper.

no matter how cranky the kids were in the nursery at church (rightly named ‘the zoo’) or how well caleb napped that afternoon i was guaranteed at least 1 hour of uninterrupted freedom in the aisles of my kroger.  i mean, someone’s gotta get the food, right?

i loved this routine.  i could compare prices.  i could look at ingredients. i could change up my menu for the week if i wanted without a toddler grabbing and eating my entire shopping list.  dane would greet me at home by grabbing bags of groceries and help me put things away.

it was bliss.

then we went back to two cars and grocery shopping got moved back to mondays.

monday grocery shopping includes caleb and requires no less than 3 sets of hands.

monday grocery shopping has been known to stress me out.

but, three days ago monday grocery shopping went so well i thought i would never miss sunday grocery shopping ever again.

that is, until i drove away leaving my purse in someone else’s buggy.

when the front desk clerk handed me my purse (after i re-parked, unbuckled caleb, and sprinted back into the store) i said, “at least i got the baby this time” trying to use humor to cover up my own humiliation.

he just stared and as i turned to head out the door i’m pretty sure i saw him pick up the phone and call CPS.



jello orange slices



i made some jello orange slices for dessert one night last week.  i got the idea from my pinterest board and the original site is found at 

ideally:  cut the oranges in half, scoop out the insides, pour in jello mix, let cool in the fridge.

my tips:  use a smaller orange, put EMPTY oranges on plate and pour jello inside while they are already in the fridge (use a smaller cup for pouring), and let cool for about an hour longer (5 hours or more).

i kinda messed up and so some of the oranges looked a bit wonky. aaaand they were still kind of frozen since i didn’t let them sit long enough in the fridge…i decided to put them in the freezer and then forgot about them! mombrain!

i want to do MANY different flavors and colors like the original site has.

they were pretty good with the extra pulp from the orange.  and they were fund to eat. 🙂

caleb ate the WHOLE orange. lol.  he loved all of it!







confessions of a mombrain chapter 4

i knew that he put them on his nightstand for safe keeping.

i knew that.

but when you have mombrain and haven’t had a chance to really deep clean your house because of all the guests you pretty much throw away everything in your sight.  the only things left in my house right now are baby things and furniture.

two season passes to six flags.

in. the. trash.


they have been found.

after a late night digging session when dane got home last night i felt so terrible. he left for work at 6:00 a.m. and i didn’t seem him until 10:40 p.m.  i didn’t plan for his homecoming to consist of sorting through dirty diapers, food, and old receipts. ugh.

and they’re back on the nightstand. where they belong.

i had to remind myself not to throw them away when i saw them this morning.


confessions of a mombrain chapter 3

i misplaced my phone.

as a mom with mombrain i have learned that i need to pick just a few places and just leave my phone there.  you know, like your keys.

it’s usually in the diaper bag, the coffee table, or my nightsand.


today, it wasn’t in any of those places.  i know because i checked 47 times.

i try not to tell dane about my mombrain issues.  i’m still waiting for dadbrain to kick in so maybe he will have a better understanding.

but he could see i was in distress about something.

“what it is, babe?”

“oh, nothing, i just can’t seem to find my phone.”

“you were just talking on it”

see, he doesn’t get it!  it doesn’t matter if i just had it in my hand! when mombrain takes over…it takes over.

“yeah, i know, um…would you just call it for me, please?”

he’s across the room and was about to start helping me with the search. i love him for that. always willing to help.  anyway he picks up his phone, dials my number, and selects speakerphone so we could both hear the ringing tone.

a very muffled voice that sounds a lot like ray lamontagne is heard

“i hear it!” i say, because i did hear it.

dane began craning his neck to see if he could distinguish where, exactly, the sound was coming from. he even squinted his eyes to help him listen better. we are both listening intently and know it’s coming from somewhere near the chair (which is right next to me). a split second before i jam my fist into the cushion, dane wraps his arms around me and reaches into my front sweatshirt pocket.

“it’s right here”

“oh, THERE IT IS!!!! you found it! thank you!”

he chuckles and says, “mombrain”

then he kisses my head and walks away. and i smile. because he gets it. he soooo gets it. and he gets me.

he knows i will forever have mombrain. he chooses to love me anyway.

what is mom brain?

so, what is mom brain, you ask?

mom brain is what happens to your brain after you have a baby.  nay, after you get pregnant. it’s a minor disease that has only one cure – 21 pure, uninterrupted hours of sleep. so yeah…there’s no cure. yet.  it affects only the tiny details of your life that seem to make you really, really crazy.

let me give you some examples:

  • today, when i went grocery shopping, i picked out all of my items and was about to check out when i realized i left my wallet in the car. mom brain.
  • at least that was better than not bring it at all…like i did two weeks ago.
  • or the time i drove to the bank, parked, and thought i was at kroger.
  • after my baby shower, i wrote a bazillion thank you notes. i put them in the mailbox and raised the little red flag indicating i had mail to be delivered. i checked later that afternoon and the mailman left them there….no stamps. mom brain.
  • same thing happened when i went to mail my christmas cards. all returned because of no stamps.

(this NEVER happened before caleb. i am/was the most organized person that i know. i remember birthdays, anniversaries, grocery lists without writing it down, and names. now i have mom brain.)

  • i arrived home one day and sat for 30 seconds trying to remember how to pop the trunk of my car. mom brain.
  • found a carton of milk in the cupboard.

i’ve learned to embrace it. and laugh about it.

i think i’ll make a collection and publish it so i can laugh about it later.

do you have mom brain?