henson homeschool

we officially started homeschool yesterday.  i’m so glad we started activities with him at 13 months because this was an EASY transition.  he was kind of stressed about sitting at the table because we always do activities on the floor on a serving tray.  but today he went straight to his char.  i’ve had a lot of questions about curriculum and planning.  i am, by no means, an expert on 2 year curriculum.  i am a mathematician and taught high school math.  ha. but i’ve mentioned before that i worked at a research center (with 2 year olds) so i know a few things that work well.  i also looked up several different objectives and thought about what *we* wanted our 2 year old to be like.  all that mashed together came out as our curriculum.

2 year old objectives taken from everywhere:

 -know several bible stories and worship/memory verse songs
-know his full name as well as his family’s full name
-know his town and state
-know the alphabet and recognize letters when written
-know numbers 1-10 and recognize when written
-be exposed to colors and shapes (know all primary colors)
-increase fine and gross motor skills
-know how to follow directions
-understand manners and self care
-make believe with objects
-use classroom materials appropriately
-transition well
-sort objects by an attribute
-recognize patterns

Here are my categories for our school day:

Bible, Language Arts, Social Studies/Life Skills, Music/Arts, Math, and Extra/Fun.

I’m using ABC Jesus Loves Me as the base curriculum because it’s free online and they have all of the printables available.  But, like i said, I’ve added a lot of other stuff as well to ‘fill’ in the other categories.

We’ll see how the first semester goes and whether we want to move him up to the 3 year old curriculum.

Here’s our week.  Not everything is done at the same time.  the motor skills are usually done in both morning and afternoon:

Monday – Pray, then read Genesis 1 page 1 in the Storybook Bible, talk about creation, talk about character traits, Color red circle, color letter of the day, scavenger hunt around the house for red things, eat red snacks, bowling, and singing songs.

Tuesday – Pray, read Genesis 1 page 2 in the Storybook Bible, talk about creation, talk about character traits, read Llama Lama red Pajama, color red shirt, talk about clothes, pick out clothes, red play-doh, dance.

Wednesday – Pray, read Genesis 1 page 3, talk about creation, talk about character traits/social skills, creation #flashcards, start our apple tree number book, sing creation song, sorting activity.

Thursday – pray, read Genesis 1 page 3 again, make days 1 and 2 of creation book, stacking blocks, make coffee filter earth.

Most weeks will be only 3 days. I’d love to add a ‘field trip’ category each week or every other week.  It would be awesome, but i’m still trying to find a rhythm with my two kiddos!


“what was i thinking?” has popped into my head dozens of times this week.

on thursday our little guy is turning one. i will be traveling out of town to see my mom, granny, and niece (an hour away) for an easter egg hunt. then i will drive back to celebrate easter with my bible study for a sedar meal that evening. my in-laws are flying in late that night, but i doubt i’ll see them until friday *pout*.

friday will be a day FULL of last minute preparations for the big party! (and LOTS of california grandparent time for caleb!) i’ve received several RSVPs from my family and friends and now i’m getting excited! my dad is hosting a cookout that night at our house with just the parents. and then my bestest friend (she is also known as dane’s sister) and her husband will be flying in at midnight friday night. buuuuut, they’re staying with us so i KNOW i’ll be seeing them. it’s going to be tough not staying up until 3AM like we usually do.

and then saturday is the big day. it’s like a mini wedding (have i already said that?). BOTH of our families will be together again. i think family means so much more when you start one of your own. i might literally burst with joy just thinking about everyone being in the same area.

so, “what was i thinking?” when i decided to completely change caleb’s room to reflect a montessori setting in the midst of the craziness this week? he now has a FLOOR BED!  who knew i would be letting my almost-one-year old sleep on a mattress on the floor! crazy!

anyway, some of you may have noticed my absence from social media and/or blogging (i wrote all the recent blogs last week and scheduled them for friday and monday so maybe not). it’s because i’m spending quality time with my baby in his new play room and helping him transition to his new sleeping arrangement. it’s going really well. he’s down for sleep #4 in his ‘new’ bed and it only took him about 30 minutes. there’s been minimal crying (only when he’s super tired) and he’s learning the boundaries of his bed. i’ve been sitting in his room and only communicating with him when he gets up in a crawling position to take off. hopefully by this weekend we will be able to lay him on his bed and then leave the room. but until then i’m enjoying the extra time to read up on toddler activities, montessori, and theology.

i’m sure the other rooms of my house miss me (especially the sink), but there will be plenty of hours i’ll spend catching up with them someday soon.

until then you’ll find me in the nursery. on the floor. by the bed.

(pictures to come one day when we remove the blankets around the bed and the crib and i figure out exactly what i would like his play area to look like)

resolutions update

i thought i would write out an update on each part of my resolutions…

  • memorize scripture – hmmm…not doing as well as i would like to be doing, but i have memorized more scripture and more passages in the bible. dane and i started leading a bible study for our church and so our time in the Word has increased greatly!
  • stay on budget – this one has been a HUGE success for us! i now try to sit down once a week and look at what we are spending and put it into our little spreadsheet (ok, it’s not that little…i kinda went overboard on the list making). and i’m happy to report that in 14 months, we have paid off about $15,000 of personal debt.  if you know me then you know that i struggle with the issue that i even have debt.  i hate it.  all i’ve ever had are student loans and about $300 on a credit card, but it still disgusts me that i live in a country where $20,000 is not that much debt. well, it is to me.  oh, i’m sure we are ridiculed for having a rent payment almost equal to that of a mortgage payment. and that we buy camera and computer gadgets, but only shop at goodwill for clothes. we pray about our investments and right now we are investing most all of our extra money to getting out of debt.  it’s tough at times, but it’s how we sleep at night.  i would love, love, love, love to be debt free by the end of the year, but i’m not sure we can get there. it’s definitely something we are striving for!
  • train for a 10K – well, i already posted about this one. i am not training for a 5K! i’m on week 2 and it’s going REALLY well. i’m excited about running again. i don’t know when i’ll be ready to train for a 10K, but it probably won’t be for a while.
  • lose the baby weight – check and mark! yay! since the weather is changing i started looking through the back of my closet for more warmer clothes. i was a bit nervous to even try anything on since last year i didn’t fit into any of my summer attire. (if you’ve ever had a major fluctuation in weight then you know exactly what i’m talking about). come to find out i not only fit into all of it, the two new shirts i bought a few weeks ago are too big (good thing i shop at goodwill!). that was disappointing, but always a good thing!
  • homeschool – this has been a success, i think.  each day we try to focus on three learning ‘activities’.  on sunday, i evaluate what i feel he should work on this week and then i write it down in my planner (just like i did when i was a teacher). for example: 1. reading a book aloud at least 3 times a day – with this i really want him to be paying attention and helping me turn pages. it’s not about him learning how to read (duh, i know he’s too young), but about him listening to my voice and focusing on one thing…as opposed to him crawling all over the place while i read.   2. standing time – he is almost pulling himself up to standing position. he does it every once in awhile so we practice standing for 15-20 minutes a few times a day at the coffee table or with his walker toy.  3. i made a new ‘toy’ from one of my favorite blogs.  i think it’s a bit old for him, but i wanted to introduce it and see what he thought of it. we do that each day for about 10 minutes. so far, he just wants to eat all the pieces. hehe. so i’ll take that one away next week and i’ll try and find something else to help with motor skills.  it’s been so fun for me. i look forward to doing those things each day with him. and it really helps me get to know him even better. we’ve been going outside everyday as well.  i am filled with joy every single day by just being with him and seeing him learn!

that’s pretty much what i’ve been up to these days!

blogs i love: i can teach my child

my good friend, sherre, led me to this site.

who it is: Jenae (i think?) is a former first grade teacher with a Bachelor’s degree in elementary education and now stays at home with her two little boys.

what you’ll find: activities for children birth-5 years that are EASY and CHEAP to do at home and in all kinds of weather.

where: www.icanteachmychild.com

why i love it: it’s all about homeschooling PRIOR to school age! that’s something i wanted to do as part of my new year’s resolutions!

from what i can see, she hasn’t been blogging that long, but already has so many activities to do (and a huge following).