ever since caleb could eat solid food, he’s been drinking “sowmies” (that’s his baby word for smoothies which we still use lovingly).

in the summer, we have them more often because it’s hot and we don’t like to use the oven much. ūüôā ¬†it’s also a cheap meal. ¬†but, we use a lot of fruit so it’s a special treat.

dane took these photos one night last week.  caleb LOVES to help with sowmies.  we have terrible lighting in our house and it was the late afternoon so some of them are grainy and/or blurry. 

IMG_1959copy IMG_1960copy IMG_1961copy IMG_1968copy IMG_1969copy IMG_1972copy IMG_1974copy

grandma lisa

i’m convinced this is the most loved kid in the entire world.

grandma lisa came to visit for jack’s first birthday and stayed with us a few nights.

it’s strange that i didn’t make the ‘grandparent’ connection with my own. ¬†like most kids i LOVE my grandparents. ¬†because, well, they love and dote on me. ¬†but now that i’ve had kids i can SEE the weird/cool/wonderful/beautiful bond that happens between a grandparent and grandchild.

it really is magical.

in a harry-potter-unbreakable-vow way.




sweet sleep

we are so blessed with a good little sleeper.  since turning 3 caleb has still been sleeping in until about 7:30 or 8 in the morning and taking a 3 hour nap.

except for that one week where he tried to drop his nap completely.

silly kid.

we’re changing things up (again!) around the Henson Home for baby’s arrival so we switched caleb’s room and the nursery. ¬†his room is now much smaller but it’s just the most perfect space for him. ¬†we also upgraded him to a twin size bed for him to grow into. ¬†he absolutely loves it.

this was naptime after cousin jack’s birthday party. ¬†he’s just so perfect.




for Caleb’s birthday this year we knew we wouldn’t be throwing a big party so I wanted to do something fun each day leading up to his day.

Monday – Swimming!
Tuesday – Birthday Cupcake and Balloon
Wednesday – Movie with Dad
Thursday – Train Ride to see Dad
Friday – Plane Ride to Oregon

All of these things weren’t planned way in advance but i knew he’d love them if we set aside time to really enjoy it. ¬†we ended up swimming both Monday and Tuesday because it was warm. ¬†i had to duct tape some holes in the pool and even still the water only lasted about an hour. ¬†he’s also grown quite a bit since last year. ¬†needless to say, we’ll be looking into getting another pool for this summer.






monks, caleb’s beloved stuffed monkey, has been around since his first Christmas. ¬†it was a gift from my brother and it is now one of his bestest friends.

when he first came along, he made caleb laugh.  now caleb makes him laugh.  and talk.  and cry.  and get in trouble.  this impromptu session came about after i pulled monks out of the dryer and handed him to caleb.

“oh, it’s good to see you monks! i’m so glad you’re awake”, he said, hugging and swinging him in his room. ¬†it was probably the cutest thing i had ever seen and i almost died right then and there.

i thought that would be a great opportunity to get some photos of them together so he can look back and remember his buddy. ¬†it didn’t really go as planned. ¬†once the camera came out, he immediately stopped hugging monks and started trying to pose him. ¬†monks was not very cooperative and had to be scolded many times.

caleb honestly thought he was being super helpful by holding him up.


here’s one by himself. ¬†it’s a task to get his head to stay upright…not much stuffing left in his neck.
and this is just a classic caleb face lately. ¬†i kept trying to get him to put his arm around monks. ¬†he kept looking at monks then looking at me like, “what’s the problem, mom? we’re ready. just take the picture.”

and this is my monkey.  dane came back inside and i had him snap a few photos of us. 

he likes to climb on my back. ¬†i’m glad he’s still somewhat little.

things got a little crazy after this…as most things go with a 2 year old monkey boy.


probably the hardest month of my life.  it was one of those times where we just tried to get through each day the best we could.

a recap:

December 6th, 2012 РT started throwing up and we thought it was a stomach virus.  It lasted 4 days and none of us caught it.

Dec 29th or 30th (can’t remember!) – admitted into the hospital after 8 hours in an ER waiting room. ¬†T had been throwing up bile. ¬†we were released 4-5 days later

January 14th – admitted into the hospital again after 5 hours (with both kids!) in an ER waiting room. ¬†my first trip in in ambulance to have T transported to the children’s hospital. ¬†we were released on the 18th and had to cancel our family vacation to California.

January 24th РT started throwing up again.  This time he healed within 36 hours and they did not send us to the hospital

February 3rd РT threw up again.  this time he healed within 24 hours.

i mean, really? ¬†5 rounds of this sickness in 8 weeks. ¬†the hospital stays were by far the worst. ¬†i just hate it there. ¬†anyway, we got through it. ¬†i’ve never prayed so much in my life while also, simultaneously, feeling so lonely. ¬†it was rough.

after the first few rounds the bitterness left. ¬†i was able to still find joy in my life even through these ‘trials’ but now i just feel old. ¬†and tired. ¬†and boring. ¬†‘

my life consists of disinfecting my house, holding a sick baby, and going NOwhere.

the reason i write this out is that i can’t wait to look back and clearly see every area the Lord was tuning. ¬†He is¬†long-suffering¬†and patient, you know, so i won’t pretend like i know my ‘lessons’ or fully understand why all this happened at the time it did. ¬†He hasn’t revealed it to me.

He didn’t leave me, though. ¬†for some weird reason i love this ministry more than i ever did.

i am so addicted.

when you pray for a heart like His, you will not be able to abandon those characteristics (loving the orphans, etc).

and He won’t abandon you if you do His work.

IMG_0132small IMG_0138small


i didn’t take a single photo on my actual camera (just phone camera) in the month of january. ¬†it’s because i have ¬†a 2 year old and a 1 year old who will not sit still. ¬†but you can get an idea of what Caleb is looking like these days.

backyard photos

i really love our backyard. now that it’s cooling off it is such a great place for Caleb to play at various times in the day.¬† this was while dane was grilling and we had the back door open so caleb could come and go.¬† i saw him sitting in his truck and the light was coming in just right.¬† inspired me enough to actually pick up my camera.¬† love his shaggy hair.

caleb and fischer

last friday, i watched a friend’s baby.

his name is fischer and he is a doll.

after his morning nap, i put him on the quilt for some tummy and play time.¬† here’s what happened…

caleb sat down to share his somee (smoothie) with fischer. after warning him not to, he just drank it all right in front of him.

poor fischer, it’ll be a few more months before you can have some.

you so cute

then i sat him in the bouncy chair for some looking-outside-time.  caleb thought he was lonely and needed a friend.

pushing all the buttons (there’s no batteries)

he rearranged his giraffe after fischer started fussing then went back to pushing buttons.

he’s a good helper to have around. ūüôā