summer bucket list – lake trip

oh gosh, i should not have waited an entire week to write this all out…i’m starting to forget! mombrain.

1.  every year my dad’s side of the family spends a week (or more!) at Proctor Lake in the summer.  we’ve been the last 4 years since we now just live 2 hours away.

2.  we left our house around 6pm friday night and arrived at 8pm.  everyone was gathered at my grandad’s campground having dinner.  caleb and my dad headed down to the water while dane set up the tent before it got dark.  that night dane and i slept in our tent while my dad, his girlfriend (jan), caleb, and emily (jan’s granddaughter) slept in my dad’s camper.  it was so nice.  the weather was absolutely perfect.  not hot and muggy and it was cool at night.

3. the next morning we woke soon after the sun came up and my dad made us a big breakfast. caleb and emily loved going down to the lake shore and throwing rocks in the water.  then we’d get them to come back up to the campground and swim in the baby pool.  saturday was a loooooong day.  in the best kind of way.  it was just us and the lake and it was glorious.

4. the babies went down for a nap around noon and dane and i struggled to find a plan.  we didn’t really need to nap, we felt pretty rested!  and we didn’t really want to swim…i’ve become such a wimp when it comes to lake water.  i grew up bathing in that stuff and now i won’t go near it. so, we decided to head into “town” which happens to be Dublin.  Dublin Bottling Works (formerly known as Dublin Dr. Pepper) was hosting their annual Birthday Bash and my mom’s entire family had attended sometime throughout the day.  we showed up at the tail end of the festivities and ran into some family members.  we grabbed a root beer float (because we’re bad!) and visited at my granny’s house for about an hour.  i don’t have any photos of this.  it was about 3:30pm by then so we decided to stop by Dollar General on the way back to the lake to buy useless toys and snacks.

5. that evening the boys flew (or tried to!) kites and my great uncle made us a wonderful dinner at his campsite (across from ours).  like is said before, the weather was perfect.  it only reached 80 for the day and started to cool off fairly early.  it was just a great time being outside with family.

6.  went to bed around 9 or 10.  i have the third trimester no sleep curse where i toss and turn most of the night.  on one turn i grunted (attractive, i know) which made dane wake up and ask if i was OK.  funny note:  he wasn’t actually fully awake.  i’ve probably mentioned here before but he’s kinda known for this.  he is a HEAVY sleeper.  he will “wake up”, have a conversation with you, and not remember anything the next morning.  but this time, he did open his eyes for a split second after laying back down and he saw lightning in the distance.  he immediately bolted upright to assess the on-coming storm.  within two minutes the wind started to gain momentum.  we didn’t have our weather cover over the tent so he started working on that.  i was still laying in the tent fully awake by then.  i kept thinking how horrible the wind sounded and then i realized we left almost everything outside by the picnic table.  it was my turn to bolt outside except i know it wasn’t near as graceful as dane.  i had a hard time getting in and out of the tent with my round belly.  anyway, we managed to attach the cover (upside down and the wrong way) and grab most of the valuable things and went inside the camper.  we were both feeling pretty adventurous and wanted to stick out the storm in our tent.  but i didn’t want to be stupid about it.  dane quickly checked the radar and it showed the storm would be heavy rain and wind but no tornadoes.  yay!  so we headed back out to the tent.  we stayed awake for the entire storm.  it’s extremely loud and scary when you think your tent is about to blow over.  we had water seep through the seams and it soaked through some of our sheets at the edges of the tent but that was all.  the storm died down about an hour later and dane and i were able to take a little nap before it was time to get up.  i think the storm was from 4:30-5:30am.  so we were pretty tired the next day.

7.  sunday morning was nice and cool and started out the same way saturday did, with a delicious breakfast.  we headed over to my great uncle’s camp for some breakfast burritos.  then it was back to our place for the final hours of our trip.  dad took the babies down to the water several more times and i just lounged at the picnic table and read a little bit.  we packed up our stuff, kissed our kiddo, and drove home.

8. i took an hour nap when we arrived home and then we went to a movie since my dad was keeping caleb at the lake for a few days!  it was nice to have a few days to myself but i really can’t be away from him for more than 2 days.  i get all mopey and depressed.

all in all, it was a wonderful trip.  i am so thankful we have been able to keep this tradition since caleb was born.  and i can’t wait to take Eli next year!


















One comment on “summer bucket list – lake trip

  1. mom henson says:

    Brings up so MANY memories of camping with our kids and extended family! Precious time out of time. Glad to see pictures of your trip, looks like so much fun!

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