bucket list – friend sleepover

this actually happened a few days before our bike ride but we were in the process of switching up rooms right after i took some photos so i didn’t have my computer for awhile.  now, i’m typing on my keyboard which sits on my new hand-built standing desk.  it’s awesome.


as with most events, i meant to take more photos.  but, these kids had a BLAST hanging together for 24 hours so we were busy.

we went and picked up jude after nap on a thursday afternoon.  this photo was taken that evening after about 20 minutes of playing in our backyard.  they’re both sweating.  and my kid was just pure crazy by then.  we knew they wouldn’t sleep well (and we didn’t really care) so we put them down kinda late…maybe 9pm…after dinner.  we tried having them in the same room.  by 10pm we had to move jude into our empty extra room.

jude got up a few times in the night.  most likely scared of the environment but then went back down easily.  then caleb woke up around 5am and couldn’t handle his friend sleeping any longer so we were ready to go by 6am.  we headed to the park by 7am to play in the cool weather.  i could tell they were both tired by 10am so we couched it and had a snack and started a movie.  jude was totally into the movie but caleb could not handle the fact that his friend WAS ACTUALLY AT HIS HOUSE so he got and literally started running around the house.

“caleb, do you need to go potty?!” i asked as he headed down the hall, galloping.

“no, i WANNA RUN!”

oh my word, kid.  you’ve only had 6 hours of sleep and have climbed every structure at the park.  YOU ARE TIRED.  so i threw them in the pool and sprayed them down with the hose.  they were naked and loving it.  next up was lunch and then they settled in for naps, early, around 12pm and slept most of the afternoon.  we took jude home around 5pm friday night.

i had an event to attend that night around 7:30 and got home around 10pm and….then….crashed.

i’m so glad caleb has a best friend at such a young age.  their love for each other is mutual.  can’t wait to have jude-man over again!

One comment on “bucket list – friend sleepover

  1. mom henson says:

    Awww! That sounds like such a fun night for them. Sweet friendship!

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