a big change



we began our training on april 27th and followed the 3 day Potty Training method.  we went cold turkey.  no diapers AT ALL.  not even at naps or nightime.  we’re on day 11 and he’s doing so well!  he’s pretty much got it down at home and is open to using public restrooms.  we hardly ask him anymore, something we need to remember to do!  he has only had two accidents in his bed (on days 1 and 2) and only got up in the middle of the night twice (nights 1 and 2) to go potty.  ever since then, we’ve had dry sheets and a BIG BOY!

there are still accidents, of course, but the successes are far more.

i have absolutely no advice in this area.  each day is different and i never have an accident ‘figured out’.  i don’t worry about it since we have hardwood floors and they need to be mopped daily anyway.  but the one thing i think really worked for him and us was going 100% to underwear and not using any diapers.  this allowed him to figure it out faster.  i always wanted to gradually introduce him to the process of potty training.  taking him to the potty regularly, etc.  and this actually happened the first part of january.  he was very interested in sitting on the potty and ‘trying’.  and then we went to the hospital and i was out of it with morning sickness.  ever since then, he hated the idea of the potty.  we stopped pushing it for a few months.  we knew a big change was coming (T going home) and a few trips coming up so we decided we’d officially potty train after he turned 3.

so, all that to say, i’m so glad he’s doing well now.  i could tell he was a little stressed throughout the process but he loved the praise and his accomplishments.

it was a lot more fun than i thought it would be.  we spent tons of one on one time (i was watching his cues) and played with every toy in the house.

since we primarily used cloth diapers we’re not saving a whole lot with the change but i am really enjoying not having to lay him down and change him every 2 hours.  underwear is MUCH easier and less time consuming to clean and dry!

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2 comments on “a big change

  1. mom henson says:

    Proud Grandma! He did so well and I’m so happy for y’all!

  2. tara says:

    yay! such a big boy!

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