Wild Ride Bike Ride




We woke up at 5:30am on Saturday and headed to Richardson for our family bike ride (mine and Caleb’s longest yet!).

Oncor was one of the sponsors of the event and Dane is an official rider for them. Hence the official looking jersey he’s wearing. I’m only a little proud of him. ūüôā Anyway, we had to be there for an official photo with the Oncor team.

So after the photo we found the hospitality table and, y’all, it was legit. They had chick-fil-a breakfast sandwiches, fresh fruits, homemade muffins and cookies, chocolate milk, and all the other amazing junk food everyone loves right before a big ride.

There were three rides…16, 40, and 64 miles. Dane could easily have done the 40 mile and probably the 64 mile. But not Caleb and me. So we lined up with all the other families, newbs, and amateurs at 7:30am for the 16 mile trek. The weather was exactly perfect. Breezy, cool, and clear.

Our plan was to ride easy but quickly the first 9-10 miles until the rest stop. I wanted Caleb to have a chance to get out of the trailer, walk around, potty, and grab a snack. Around mile 10, we hadn’t come to the rest stop and saw other riders start to question our route. Turns out we were lost!! We stopped and talked to a few others and checked the map.

I won’t hold back here…I was super bummed. It looked like we were 2-3 miles outside the route and we had missed the rest stop! It was definitely a mental thing. I was feeling fine and we decided to give Caleb a phone to play on since he was getting restless so I knew he could make it another 30 minutes. I could sense the disappointment in Dane, too. To top it off we rode the next few miles of straight hills and it was starting to heat up. Ugh.

But after 10 minutes we were feeling better and knew we were (at least) halfway done. We started seeing familiar signs and volunteers and knew we were nearing the finish.

It ended up being way closer than we thought!! When we crossed the finish line, my Strava app read right under 16 miles!!

So we rode to our car and Dane packed everything up for us. Caleb and I walked around the festival aimlessly eating pizza and soda. Caleb was dooooooooone. Just so very sleepy. And we had to get home so Dane joined us for a few minutes to grab snacks and we headed out. Caleb and I crashed on the way home. Then we showered and dressed in an hour and then drove an hour and a half to Stephenville for my niece’s birthday party.

Needless to say, we were all doooooooone when we got home at 8:30 that night. We fell asleep immediately and “slept allll night” (Caleb says it like that).

Overall, it was awesome. Dane will do a big ride next then I’d love to get another family ride in before the baby and before I can’t even get on a bike anymore.

BUT, I will request that it’s under 16 miles. With a clearly marked map. ūüôā

summer bucket list – 2013




yay! summer is almost here! ¬†we attempted a summer bucket list last year and did pretty well. ¬†until we got T. ¬†ha! ¬†our life was put on hold (and rightfully so!). ¬†this year, we have the ENTIRE summer before baby boy #3 comes so i’m excited to spend it with my firstborn. ¬†since it’s already hot and we make our own schedule, we’ll technically start NEXT WEEK with a few of these things.

1. movie in theatres – caleb loves going to the movies. ¬†probably because we took him to his first movie at 18 months. ¬†we usually wait until a kiddie movie makes it to our $2 theatre but we might splurge and see the matinee showing of Monsters U that’s coming out in June. ¬†either way, going to the BIG movies is a real treat for him.

2. C.R. Smith AA Museum – i don’t know why we’ve never been. ¬†this was on the list last year. ¬†it’s an airplane museum that is interactive for kids. ¬†and not too expensive (as far as museums go!).

3. go bowling – dane and i went bowling on our first date! ¬†we never go and i think that’s what makes it fun. ¬†i think caleb would love it!

4. date with dad – let’s face it. ¬†the kid is overexposed to his mama. ¬†i am so blessed to be with him every waking minute but he needs some guy time. ¬†away from the house.

5. legoland – oh my word. ¬†caleb is obsessed with legos right now. ¬†we have a few kits that he and dane put together EVERYDAY after work. ¬†they will sit for hours while i make dinner and put together cars, trucks, gas stations, whatever the instructions say. ¬†i kind of check out at those times and let them have their moment but dane tells me how impressive his concentration and fine motor skills are. so, yeah, he’ll probably flip out at legoland.

6. pay for meal/coffee – this is something we always need to be doing, right? ¬†well, we don’t. i need to be more intentional about it.

7. watch fireworks – we’ve never planned to attend an event before. ¬†we always did growing up and we need to find something local that isn’t too crazy packed.

8. friend sleepover – we’re already making plans for caleb’s best friend, jude, to come stay a night with us!

9. fun family photo – not just a phone photo.

10. play in the sprinkler – probably a daily thing but all we have is a kiddie pool and i’d like to get him a sprinkler or another fun water apparatus.

11. wild ride bike ride Рmay 18th!  16 mile bike ride as a family.  this time, daddy will be pulling caleb behind him.  woohoo!

12. go to the lake – my dad goes to the lake every year. ¬†we’ll be visiting for a weekend. ¬†can’t wait!

13. water park – there’s a huge water park right down the road from where we live and we’ve never been! ¬†mostly because i don’t know how toddler friendly it is. ¬†nothing like paying $$$ when you could have had more fun in your backyard. ¬†ha! ¬†but i think caleb is old enough to do a few rides and he’ll enjoy the lazy river and bigger pool.

14. visit snocone stand – there’s an awesome stand less than a mile from our house. ¬†gotta go!

15. ride the mini train – it is a pretty fun ride even if i barely fit in the seats.

16. s’mores – a 3 year old can handle his own marshmallow roasting, right??

17. swim lessons Рthey have them at our town aquatic center.  i need to get on this and get him signed up!

18. water balloon fight – i’ll have to warn our neighbors. ¬†caleb screams at anything he enjoys. ¬†i think he would thoroughly enjoy this.

19. go to the zoo – classic event for the whole family

20. build a fort – i should have added ‘epic’ to it. ¬†i’m getting my engineer husband involved in this one and we’re going to build the most elaborate, sturdy indoor fort you’ve ever seen!

well, those are the big things i’d love to see fill our summer. ¬†what are yours??

a big change



we began our training on april 27th and followed the 3 day Potty Training method. ¬†we went cold turkey. ¬†no diapers AT ALL. ¬†not even at naps or nightime. ¬†we’re on day 11 and he’s doing so well! ¬†he’s pretty much got it down at home and is open to using public restrooms. ¬†we hardly ask him anymore, something we need to remember to do! ¬†he has only had two accidents in his bed (on days 1 and 2) and only got up in the middle of the night twice (nights 1 and 2) to go potty. ¬†ever since then, we’ve had dry sheets and a BIG BOY!

there are still accidents, of course, but the successes are far more.

i have absolutely no advice in this area. ¬†each day is different and i never have an accident ‘figured out’. ¬†i don’t worry about it since we have hardwood floors and they need to be mopped daily anyway. ¬†but the one thing i think really worked for him and us was going 100% to underwear and not using any diapers. ¬†this allowed him to figure it out faster. ¬†i always wanted to gradually introduce him to the process of potty training. ¬†taking him to the potty regularly, etc. ¬†and this actually happened the first part of january. ¬†he was very interested in sitting on the potty and ‘trying’. ¬†and then we went to the hospital and i was out of it with morning sickness. ¬†ever since then, he hated the idea of the potty. ¬†we stopped pushing it for a few months. ¬†we knew a big change was coming (T going home) and a few trips coming up so we decided we’d officially potty train after he turned 3.

so, all that to say, i’m so glad he’s doing well now. ¬†i could tell he was a little stressed throughout the process but he loved the praise and his accomplishments.

it was a lot more fun than i thought it would be.  we spent tons of one on one time (i was watching his cues) and played with every toy in the house.

since we primarily used cloth diapers we’re not saving a whole lot with the change but i am really enjoying not having to lay him down and change him every 2 hours. ¬†underwear is MUCH easier and less time consuming to clean and dry!