trip to west texas

last weekend, caleb and i flew to lubbock to visit my dad for the weekend.  i took some photos for my little brother’s graduation announcements.

i also had a personal challenge…to take more vertical photos.  so here they are!  caleb even posed for me a bit in between takes of my brother.


he adores my dad.  he’s really blessed with really active grandparents (and great grandparents!!).  my dad doesn’t just ‘watch’ him.  he takes him on lawn mower rides, to see the tractors, to the park, plays baseball, and patiently waits on him while they take long walking excursions.  he was like that with us when we were kids and i’m glad caleb gets to experience the fun, too!



caleb wanted to sit on my dad’s shoulders. as he put him up there i immediately said, “awkward family photo” and they just went with it, trying to make it as awkward as possible.  proof that it doesn’t really matter how people are posed…if you love the subjects, you’ll love the photo. 🙂  i love this one.


it’s west texas so the wind was crazy!  about 20 takes of my little guy and me and FINALLY one where my hair wasn’t covering my face.


at the tennis courts (throwing a baseball, lol) after we finished shooting.  loved the harsh light.


there’s ralph.  if you saw my Instagram, then you know who this is.  we left Ralph at dad’s.  i talked to him last night and he said he’s still sitting in his own rocking chair in the living room.  this thing is huge and holds a special place in caleb’s heart.  it was love at first sight.  they were inseparable the entire trip.


that’s it.  still not entirely proud of the lack of photos but a great start for the month.  we’re off to oregon this weekend for a wedding and we’ll be celebrating caleb’s 3rd birthday!

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