scripture print for birth



i stated last time that we’re planning a home birth.  i am so excited about the idea of bringing our son or daughter into the world in a safe and comfortable place.

i have no idea how i will labor.  or where.  but the birthing tub and supplies will be set up in our living room.  and so i’m designing and printing scripture to be placed in there, too.

my ‘theme’ for birth is that it is ALL God’s.  think about it.

1. it’s the most natural, beautiful thing ever…creating new life.  He is the creator.  All praise and glory are His.

2. yet, it can also be terrifying…death…we really must have faith that His will be done!

3. it’s the one (ok, there are probably others but this is the most common to us) thing that man, scientists, doctors, etc have not figured out.  the what, when, where, how varies from baby to baby. from life to life!  because He created us the same, but also uniquely. what day will i go into labor? will my water break? how long will it last?  will it be difficult or easy?  only God knows.  more trust and faith He has favor over us and our birth!

4. the detailed way He made a woman’s body and heart to birth. how is it that a blueberry-sized fetus turned into a watermelon?  and to live off a bulging bag of blood and nutrients…flipping and turning and developing organs.  and then, the grand finale, to know when to travel down the birth canal.  it’s AMAZING.  there is no way man could have invented it.

5.  then, of course, comes mothering and fathering.  if you’ve ever been one then you know what i’m talking about.  the total surrendering of your children daily, hourly to the Lord.  we are all just foster parents to His precious ones.

so, when I think of Scripture to meditate on for our baby and birth this is what I have in mind.  do you have other great verses?  I would love to meditate on passages but would like to print shorter verses so that I may be able to have them read to me or even read them myself during the birth.

more home birth preparations to come since this is my first go at it.  so consider yourself warned! 🙂

One comment on “scripture print for birth

  1. mom henson says:

    Beautiful! What a splendid way to bring our baby into this world!

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