since we are working our way back up to enjoying school time i have been focusing on sensory activities.  i try to make it a special treat (once a week) so that i can get in other areas (practical, math, language, etc).  he’s a typical kid so sensory is his favorite.  therefore, it’s my favorite.  🙂

i wish i could have captured his face when he discovered he could paint with both hands.  

not sure where this face is coming from but it just describes sensory so well, to me.  to adults a sensory activity is ‘fun’.  like fingerpainting, shaving cream, water play, etc.  but i think kids would describe sensory as ‘weird’ (which is the same thing as fun to a kid but has different feelings right now).  so he starts to make weird faces, hand gestures, and new noises.  kind of like if we were to stick our hands in a bowl of wet spaghetti with whipped cream…or something. which is a sensory activity we will do sometime, minus the whipped cream. it’s very weird but also very fun.  you can imagine this is amazing to watch.  i’m on the verge of laughing the entire time because i can see his brain working as his expressions change.  he described it as being soft, smooth, and cold.  right on with his descriptions!

then, after exploring for awhile comes the pure joy.

this is the good stuff right here, y’all.  playing and brain work.  so blessed to experience all of these things with him.

One comment on “fingerpainting

  1. mom henson says:

    BLESSED! I love his little face and the pure joy!

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