the challenge – day 16

much better day.

bfast: greek yogurt

snack: chai tea with coconut palm sugar

lunch: leftover hawaiian chicken

snack: gluten free waffles

dinner: pot roast with carrots and potatoes (or a few bites of roast and a bunch of carrots)

after dinner snack: deviled eggs

terrible, terrible dinner.  the roast was tough!  and the potatoes didn’t cook through.  since we just started adding potatoes i didn’t put them in until later (that’s what the recipe said!!) but i should have put them in earlier because they were hard as a rock!  so we ate carrots.  around 10pm i had a deviled egg and felt better. 🙂

WOD: back squats and skills work.  i chose pull-ups.  AND I MOVED UP A (HALF??) BAND!!  as a beginner, i have been using a black band.  it’s a really thick band that you put on the bar and put your foot inside and it helps you spring up towards the bar.  just a week ago i had tried a green band (less help but still a thick band) and was so disappointed to find i couldn’t do one single pull-up!  back to the black band for awhile…so, last night i was feeling courageous and tied a green + red band to give a little extra support.  my coach came over before i started and asked me to try just the green band alone.  i was feeling embarrassed by then because i already knew i couldn’t do it, i just tried a week ago.  but he’s my coach so i stepped in the green band AND DID 5 PULL-UPS!!!  my eyes were so wide on the first two and he started laughing at me.  i was so stunned that in just a short time of working out i had made progress.  after that first set of pull-ups, i added the red band and did 4 more sets of 5 with no problems at all!  so, when we have a WOD with pullups, i’ll first try to do a few with the green band then go to green + red for the rest.  NO MORE BLACK BAND! and my coach suggested that i work on pull-ups after every WOD.

i never thought i’d be inspired to do a pull-up.  i don’t have any upper body strength but here i am, making a goal to do unassisted pull-ups by the end of the year. yikes!

One comment on “the challenge – day 16

  1. mom henson says:

    Way to go! Keep up the great work!

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