the challenge – day 15

didn’t feel good about this day.  let’s get to it.

bfast: cottage cheese

snack: greek yogurt and blueberries

lunch: cottage cheese

snack:  dark chocolate (a LOT) and a banana

dinner: hawaiian chicken

three servings of dairy and an entire bar of dark chocolate.  as i’m looking back at this written down, it’s obvious to me that i need to be getting eggs and/or meat in the mornings to fill me up so that i’m not craving sugar in the afternoon.  i’m thinking about making deviled eggs sometime this week (probably not tonight, i’ve got CrossFit) so that will help.  i’m not a person that uses the word ‘busy’ lightly.  i think you can find time to do stuff so when i say that mornings are busy, i mean it.  there is only one day a week where i don’t have a morning appt to get the kids ready for and sometimes even that doesn’t work out (like today!).  anyway, this is my new goal for the year.  learn to make breakfast on the weekends or a week night that lasts a few days.

technically, i didn’t cheat (and dane did encourage me by telling me it wasn’t ice cream or gluten) but i’m docking a point.  i don’t deserve all points for the day.  the goal is to eat healthy (getting a variety of nutrients and protein) and that didn’t happen.

points: 2


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