the challenge – days 12, 13, and 14

i have no idea what all we ate.  i’ll just add tally the points from what i remember at the end of the day.

day 12 – 2 points

day 13 – 3 points

day 14 – 2 points

weekends are hard to eat right, right? i always have high hopes but then i never want to cook.  but i did get in a tough WOD on saturday morning.  they are known for being really long (remember, most of our workouts are around 10-15 minutes) and tiring since everyone will most likely take off sunday.  or, if you’re like me, you take off sunday AND monday. 🙂 yesterday, i was completely sore but i’m feeling better this morning.  not waddling anymore.

so i got in 4 workouts this week! yay!

now that we have a week left, how am i feeling?  i generally feel pretty good since we have been trying to eat healthier this year. i don’t notice an extra pep in my step or anything, but i’ll tell you when i don’t feel good.  that’s when i eat too much sugar.  my ‘cheats’ are usually sugar related and this weekend was two sweet teas.  i usually get half sweet tea/half regular tea because i can’t handle the taste anymore (am i still a texan??) and i feel it’s only halfway cheating but dane forgot that when he went to taco bueno and ohmygosh it was pure sugar.  within 3 minutes (hadn’t even finished it yet!) i had a headache and just felt terrible.  i had a headache for the rest of the day and it was my only true big cheat so i know that’s what caused it.

and btw, i’m winning!

alrighty, one week left!

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