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i did not take a single photo with my DSLR in january of this year.  how sad is that?  it was just a really sad month for us so i didn’t have any motivation.  but i vowed to do better (and we vowed to do more fun things!) so here’s another set of photos of my big man at the fort worth children’s museum.  it was his first time (well, he went when he was 4 or 5 months old) and he had a blast.

the cash register/grocery area is a HUGE hit with everyone but it was so crowded that he didn’t stay long. 

his favorite, of course, were the trains and train tracks.
IMG_0192 IMG_0195 IMG_0196

sitting in a big dinosaur footprint.

building windmills with dad.

ha.  i love his face here.  this was a paper airplane launch pad and caleb wanted to do it all by himself, being two and all, but most everything was too big for him so he was getting frustrated.

watching the big kids spin things around on this disc.

building prisms on the light tables.

this was new for me.  it was a huge peg board with tons of colored squares.  you could move them around to make designs and such.  pretty cool.

afterwards, we needed all hands for both of our kids (T had been sitting in the stroller) as we finished up at the museum then headed to lunch.  then naps and a movie later in the evening.  it was a FULL day but so much fun!

One comment on “children’s museum

  1. mom henson says:

    Oh, this brought back SO many memories of taking Caleb’s daddy and auntie ‘Cole’ to museum after museum. Some of my favorite life moments. AND I can’t wait to share some of these times with that little guy!

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