the challenge – day 11


bfast: 1/2 cup cottage cheese

lunch: tuna fish salad

snack: 2 dark chocolate squares

dinner: McAlister’s (Mickey A’s) half soup half salad meal

if you notice ‘good’ eating days it’s because i was extremely busy!  had an appt for the baby all morning and then came home to do some chores and then the baby threw up right before nap.  all while my friend was here waiting for us to do a bible study!  just craziness.  but i did go workout which was helped with my stress levels.


3 rounds of

300 jump rope buy in (do this just once when the timer starts.  it’s really supposed to be 100 double unders but if you can’t do them then you have to triple your amount)

15 overhead squats

400 meter row

I did it in 13:30.  I was pretty disappointed in my overhead squat.  I did them for the first time on tuesday and worked my way up to 35#.  I thought i was struggling because my body wasn’t used to doing that movement.  yesterday, for some reason, i could barely hold the 35# bar let alone squat with it!  i wasted about 10 seconds of trying before my coach went and grabbed the 25# bar which was terribly easy but i didn’t have time to add 5# to try.  i was pretty defeated (the prescribed weight was 65# so i’m not anywhere near that!) that first set but then took the opportunity to race through everything to get in a good cardio workout. i felt pretty good about the jump rope and 1200 meter row.  it wasn’t easy at all, but i can feel i last longer before completely losing my breath.  i’m glad for the break after this, though.  i’m really sore from 3 workouts in a row!

points: 4

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