the challenge – day 10


bfast: greek yogurt

snack: coffee…not so tasty anymore.  only drank half a cup

lunch: leftover chili

snack: crackers (boo!)

dinner: paleo wings and sweet potato fries

since we try to stay away from processed foods our grocery bill takes a huge hit.  while i plan the bigger meals i don’t buy enough snack stuff so we run out by wednesday or thursday.  hence the breakdown of eating half a sleeve of Ritz crackers for a snack.  i knew dinner would be a late one because dane didn’t get home until 7:30 and i talked myself into thinking i was hungrier than i was. 🙂 oh, well, not too terrible.

workout: with dane!!  yay!  we tried to resemble the WOD at my gym as best we could without equipment.  it was

1 burpee + 1 thruster with a kettlebell at 1 minute

2 burpees + 2 thrusters at 2 minutes, etc.

he made it to 6 minutes with 4 thrusters and i completed 7 minutes just in time. 🙂

points: 3

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