the challenge – day 9


breakfast: greek yogurt

snack: coffee with cream and coconut palm sugar (1/4 of a cup)

lunch: leftover chicken and string cheese

snack: banana

dinner: paleo chili

today was a better day in the eating department.  i still felt tired from the day before so that’s why i made coffee but then i didn’t really drink any.  the chili was so perfect after a really tough WOD.  it was:

warmup of 100 meter runs (forward, backward, each side), leg swings, good mornings, and pull-ups.  and the strength training was overhead squats.  um, yeah.  those are hard.  way harder than i had anticipated.  but i felt like my muscles were learning the movement.


4 rounds of

400 meter run, 10 power snatches (bringing weighted bar from ground to overhead. prescribed was 65lbs, i used 35lbs), 10 meter jump (however many jumps it takes to reach 10 meters)

time: 16:29 (longest WOD so far)

when i had read the WOD earlier in the day i was pretty worried i wouldn’t get under 20 minutes.  i am the slowest runner on the planet!  that’s why i’m thankful i have a community there to push me.  whenever you finish you cheer on the people who are still working and since i was the 2nd to last…i had a lot of encouragement. 🙂  i’ve been sticking with 35lbs on most lifts but i’m going up to 40lbs the next power snatch WOD.  there, i said it.  now i have to stick to it.

points: 4

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