monks, caleb’s beloved stuffed monkey, has been around since his first Christmas.  it was a gift from my brother and it is now one of his bestest friends.

when he first came along, he made caleb laugh.  now caleb makes him laugh.  and talk.  and cry.  and get in trouble.  this impromptu session came about after i pulled monks out of the dryer and handed him to caleb.

“oh, it’s good to see you monks! i’m so glad you’re awake”, he said, hugging and swinging him in his room.  it was probably the cutest thing i had ever seen and i almost died right then and there.

i thought that would be a great opportunity to get some photos of them together so he can look back and remember his buddy.  it didn’t really go as planned.  once the camera came out, he immediately stopped hugging monks and started trying to pose him.  monks was not very cooperative and had to be scolded many times.

caleb honestly thought he was being super helpful by holding him up.


here’s one by himself.  it’s a task to get his head to stay upright…not much stuffing left in his neck.
and this is just a classic caleb face lately.  i kept trying to get him to put his arm around monks.  he kept looking at monks then looking at me like, “what’s the problem, mom? we’re ready. just take the picture.”

and this is my monkey.  dane came back inside and i had him snap a few photos of us. 

he likes to climb on my back.  i’m glad he’s still somewhat little.

things got a little crazy after this…as most things go with a 2 year old monkey boy.

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