the challenge – day 5 & 6


Bfast: coffee with cream + Egg and sausage muffin without the muffin
Lunch: Greek salad from Zoe’s with chicken
Snack: popcorn and coke at the movies. Not much but enough for a big cheat.
Dinner: leftover steak and choc chips

This was our play day. I knew there would be temptation at the movies and I just went with it. I held the fussy baby so I didn’t eat as much as I wanted but still a cheat. And I’m docking a point for the dark choc chips because I didn’t really want anything but I ate too many anyway.

No time for a workout.

Points: 1

Day 6 eats:
Bfast: coffee with cream
Lunch: jimmy john’s unwhich and 1/4 of a pickle. Caleb ate the other 3/4
Snack: cottage cheese
Dinner: steak

What a busy day! I like days like that because I really only eat when I’m hungry.

Points: 3

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