the challenge – day 4

happy valentine’s day!


bfast: greek yogurt + mini chocolates

lunch: leftover pineapple chicken

snack: paleo brownies

dinner: tomato basil soup at Jason’s deli

dessert: more paleo brownies 🙂

i LOVE valentine’s day. actually i love all hallmark holidays. especially now that i have a kiddo old enough to enjoy it, too. i made some heart streamers for our hallway and he ABSOLUTELY LOVED it. i picked up a few things at the dollar store and target for him as ‘presents’. one was a dinosaur heart box with 3 chocolates. he ate most of them and shared with me. out of taste testing each one i probably only had a total of one chocolate and they were GOOD. so, no point for that cheat. 🙂 worth it. And I did have a treat of paleo brownies because my bible study brought tons of yummy stuff that I chose not to eat. It is valentines day. We get special treats.
No workout either. I’ll do better next week.

Points: 2

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