the challenge – day 2


bfast: protein shake with almond milk and a banana

snack: greek yogurt

lunch: three boiled eggs

snack: 3 clementines

dinner: baked potato with cheddar cheese and sour cream and butter

i was surprised i was so hungry at 10am when i had my protein shake around 8am.  it’s so heavy to me…i never want to finish it.  maybe i was still hungry from yesterday.  anyway, the yogurt did the trick.  but then i was hungry again two hours later.  i had planned on having a pre packaged caesar salad i bought at kroger on sunday but it was terrible when i went to take a bite.  i threw it away and decided to lay down with the kids instead (it was a tough morning!).  i immediately lost my appetite.  i read for about an hour then felt hungry again so that’s when i had the boiled eggs, around 2pm.  i had the snack around 4pm because i had a headache again today. :/  i know i need to be getting more calories from meats but it’s just not happening right now.  i need to get back into cooking so i can have leftovers.

i’m trying to keep my dairy servings to 1-2 per day.  dairy isn’t technically paleo but some people claim it is OK.  it’s all how your body handles it.  we include it because it’s cheap and convenient.  two things that help us maintain this lifestyle.  also, potatoes aren’t considered paleo either (sweet potatoes are usually OK) but this is also another cheap option we’ve been having on my workout nights.  quick, cheap, and easy!  if we were hardcore and really wanting to drop some serious body fat then we would cut these things out.  but, for now, we’re just trying to stay away from bread and hard sugar so these are OK with us.

the workout wasn’t all that bad.  it was 13 minutes of AMRAP (as many rounds as possible) of 300 meter row, 10 push presses (lifting bar from front of shoulders to overhead), and 15 box jumps.  i got three rounds and made it to the box jumps on the 4th round and got one jump in. 🙂  i had to scale the weight on the push press (35# to the prescribed 65#) and used a 14″ box instead of 20″.  it was the longest workout i have done yet.  they mostly range from 5-10 minutes with a really long warmup.  not too bad.  can’t wait to get stronger.

points: 4

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