chocolate mud smoothies


the weather last week was amazing.  this was on Sunday and it could not have been more perfect.  we have had some rain so our backyard was muddy.  we decided to make some chocolate mud smoothies for dad who was working in the garage.

i was trying to be more intentional about this ‘activity’, treating it like true sensory play.  it was fun to hear him answering all my questions.  he’s so big now!!!  he said it felt soft and cold and yummy.  ha.  we used a spoon and a tiny play-doh rake to transfer dirt into our cups.  then i had him try pouring from each cup which was tricky since it doesn’t have a consistent ‘flow’ to it.  you have to completely turn the cup over and then the dirt just falls out.  he was pretty frustrated with that so we’ll stick to water and lighter foods for pouring right now. 
IMG_0154small IMG_0156small IMG_0169small IMG_0174small IMG_0178small IMG_0180small IMG_0181small IMG_0186small

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