the challenge – day 1

my goal right now is to only eat when i’m hungry. it’s a great challenge for me since i try to keep a routine for my kids. i end up making 3 different meals for breakfast and lunch and not really eating until hours later…then eating too much. :/ so here goes day 1:


breastfast (caleb says it this way and now it’s the only way i say it, too): greek yogurt

snack: chocolate almond milk and blueberries

lunch: cottage cheese

snack: protein shake with chocolate almond milk and a banana because my protein powder is terrible. i couldn’t finish it all.

dinner: breastfast! eggs, bacon, and banana pancakes (eggs + banana) w/honey.

no workout. my crossfit days have been tuesday/thursday and i had a headache today (probably from not enough food) so i skipped an at-home workout. also, i need to cut back on my dairy intake. it’s so convenient but i would like to be getting more protein from meats throughout the day.

points: 3

One comment on “the challenge – day 1

  1. Dane says:

    Breakfast: Greek Yogurt

    Lunch: Grapes, tuna salad, boiled egg, raw almonds

    Snack: tea, cheese stick

    Dinner: bacon, eggs, banana pancakes

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