the challenge

i’m feeling a lengthy post coming on…

a year ago i changed my diet to paleo/primal.  i lost quite a few inches and about 7-8 pounds overall and felt like eating this way made sense to me, to my body.  i really enjoy the foods and it helps me stay healthy even though i don’t workout much with my two babies.  in 2012 i was pretty proud of our eating habits as a family.  we tried to stick to 80% paleo with several cheats throughout the week.  i rarely ate gluten because my body doesn’t seem to do very well with it.  i am still the same size (maybe smaller?) but have gained the 7lbs back.  weird but really cool.  just shows that it’s not about the scale but about how you feel.

since the new year, i have joined a CrossFit gym.  technically, i joined at the end of December but since T was so sick and hospitalized for most of january i didn’t complete my on-ramp classes until the end of january.  i’ve been faithfully attending regular classes for about 2 weeks now.  i’m scheduled to attend 3 classes per week but have only made 2 and i do 1-2 workouts at home that i find online.  it’s a start and a pretty big change for me.  and you know what?  i love it.  i’m not competitive (not even with myself sometimes!) but i’ve found that these classes and my friends and coaches there have helped me break down some barriers that i’ve been dealing with a long time.  pretty fun.  so very tough, but fun.

so i’ve talked about paleo and i’ve talked about crossfit.  when you marry the two it’s a winning combination.  thing is, after an entire year of the same meals (i’m a very boring cook and we don’t eat out much) we have been going back to our old ways.  we gave ourselves some grace over the holidays but then found ourselves ‘cheating’ daily and feeling very guilty!

that’s where The Challenge comes in.  we have several friends that are a part of my CrossFit gym and they had a 21 day challenge in the summer (and just ended another this January).  Since we weren’t members of the gym we couldn’t join but decided to do our own version and compete against each other.  we did two of them with great success in the fall.  dane lost a stupid amount of weight since he’s a boy and i just felt better overall.  and it was just plain fun.  welp, we’ve decided we need this again!  we have helped ourselves to soda, candy, ice cream, pizza…whatever we have wanted this past month.  i don’t feel as guilty this time around for my choices because some of them were out of my control (hospital food?? not many options) but now that we’ve been somewhat healthy we feel our family should be making better choices.  caleb is an excellent eater (asks for broccoli almost daily) but as he gets older we want him to see more of the good foods in our diet than the bad (pizza and ice cream will still be there just a lot less, hopefully).

the challenge:

– must eat paleo/primal

– 1 point for each meal, negative point for non-paleo meal or snack (max 3 points a day)

– 1 point for exercise (max 1 point each day)

-random 1 point ‘lifestyle’ challenge may be added (things like no electronics for the night, do a new activity, etc)

points will be collected at the end of 21 days.  most points win.  pretty easy!  we will also be weighing but it won’t be a factor AT ALL.

the winner gets to choose something reasonable to do.  this is actually the most difficult part because regardless of who wins we’ll probably pick something totally fun for both of us.  the disadvantage of being married to your opponent.  🙂  i’ll probably pick something terribly girly like shopping and he’ll opt for an action-packed movie on opening weekend, popcorn and nachos included.  but i would really like some new clothes so i’m vowing to be more competitive this time around.  this challenge is really perfect for us because even though we’re married and share one meal together each day, the rest is completely different.  we don’t workout together (his bike riding is commanded by the weather and mine is more on how the day goes with the kids) and we have different weaknesses throughout the day.

to help me, and it truly does, i’ll be posting my daily intake and exercise on this blog.  i thought about starting another blog specifically for this challenge but the thing that helps me is that i know people are reading it.  you don’t have to comment or anything, just be there.  and if you don’t want to read the boring meals and my WOD struggles that’s fine, too!  i’ll be titling each post “the challenge – day 1” etc, or something like that so you will be warned.

today is day 1 so i’ll post about it tomorrow!

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