probably the hardest month of my life.  it was one of those times where we just tried to get through each day the best we could.

a recap:

December 6th, 2012 – T started throwing up and we thought it was a stomach virus.  It lasted 4 days and none of us caught it.

Dec 29th or 30th (can’t remember!) – admitted into the hospital after 8 hours in an ER waiting room.  T had been throwing up bile.  we were released 4-5 days later

January 14th – admitted into the hospital again after 5 hours (with both kids!) in an ER waiting room.  my first trip in in ambulance to have T transported to the children’s hospital.  we were released on the 18th and had to cancel our family vacation to California.

January 24th – T started throwing up again.  This time he healed within 36 hours and they did not send us to the hospital

February 3rd – T threw up again.  this time he healed within 24 hours.

i mean, really?  5 rounds of this sickness in 8 weeks.  the hospital stays were by far the worst.  i just hate it there.  anyway, we got through it.  i’ve never prayed so much in my life while also, simultaneously, feeling so lonely.  it was rough.

after the first few rounds the bitterness left.  i was able to still find joy in my life even through these ‘trials’ but now i just feel old.  and tired.  and boring.  ‘

my life consists of disinfecting my house, holding a sick baby, and going NOwhere.

the reason i write this out is that i can’t wait to look back and clearly see every area the Lord was tuning.  He is long-suffering and patient, you know, so i won’t pretend like i know my ‘lessons’ or fully understand why all this happened at the time it did.  He hasn’t revealed it to me.

He didn’t leave me, though.  for some weird reason i love this ministry more than i ever did.

i am so addicted.

when you pray for a heart like His, you will not be able to abandon those characteristics (loving the orphans, etc).

and He won’t abandon you if you do His work.

IMG_0132small IMG_0138small


i didn’t take a single photo on my actual camera (just phone camera) in the month of january.  it’s because i have  a 2 year old and a 1 year old who will not sit still.  but you can get an idea of what Caleb is looking like these days.

2 comments on “january

  1. mom henson says:

    I love your heart and your ministry. You could NEVER be boring, precious one! I love you and continue to pray for joy and health!

  2. lzaffos says:

    Gah! He is so stinkin’ cute!!

    Sorry for your rough month, friend. Praying heartily for you.

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