since we are working our way back up to enjoying school time i have been focusing on sensory activities.  i try to make it a special treat (once a week) so that i can get in other areas (practical, math, language, etc).  he’s a typical kid so sensory is his favorite.  therefore, it’s my favorite.  🙂

i wish i could have captured his face when he discovered he could paint with both hands.  

not sure where this face is coming from but it just describes sensory so well, to me.  to adults a sensory activity is ‘fun’.  like fingerpainting, shaving cream, water play, etc.  but i think kids would describe sensory as ‘weird’ (which is the same thing as fun to a kid but has different feelings right now).  so he starts to make weird faces, hand gestures, and new noises.  kind of like if we were to stick our hands in a bowl of wet spaghetti with whipped cream…or something. which is a sensory activity we will do sometime, minus the whipped cream. it’s very weird but also very fun.  you can imagine this is amazing to watch.  i’m on the verge of laughing the entire time because i can see his brain working as his expressions change.  he described it as being soft, smooth, and cold.  right on with his descriptions!

then, after exploring for awhile comes the pure joy.

this is the good stuff right here, y’all.  playing and brain work.  so blessed to experience all of these things with him.

the challenge – day 17

bfast: deviled eggs (total of 1 egg)

snack: greek yogurt

lunch: tuna fish salad

snack: banana

dinner: protein style burger from in-in-out plus some fries and some sweet tea (i say some because it wasn’t a full in-in-out serving)

really had to talk myself out of a milkshake last night.  it was hard, too, but i’m glad i did.

no workout.  just wasn’t feeling it, but i will be going to the gym today.

points: 2


the challenge – day 16

much better day.

bfast: greek yogurt

snack: chai tea with coconut palm sugar

lunch: leftover hawaiian chicken

snack: gluten free waffles

dinner: pot roast with carrots and potatoes (or a few bites of roast and a bunch of carrots)

after dinner snack: deviled eggs

terrible, terrible dinner.  the roast was tough!  and the potatoes didn’t cook through.  since we just started adding potatoes i didn’t put them in until later (that’s what the recipe said!!) but i should have put them in earlier because they were hard as a rock!  so we ate carrots.  around 10pm i had a deviled egg and felt better. 🙂

WOD: back squats and skills work.  i chose pull-ups.  AND I MOVED UP A (HALF??) BAND!!  as a beginner, i have been using a black band.  it’s a really thick band that you put on the bar and put your foot inside and it helps you spring up towards the bar.  just a week ago i had tried a green band (less help but still a thick band) and was so disappointed to find i couldn’t do one single pull-up!  back to the black band for awhile…so, last night i was feeling courageous and tied a green + red band to give a little extra support.  my coach came over before i started and asked me to try just the green band alone.  i was feeling embarrassed by then because i already knew i couldn’t do it, i just tried a week ago.  but he’s my coach so i stepped in the green band AND DID 5 PULL-UPS!!!  my eyes were so wide on the first two and he started laughing at me.  i was so stunned that in just a short time of working out i had made progress.  after that first set of pull-ups, i added the red band and did 4 more sets of 5 with no problems at all!  so, when we have a WOD with pullups, i’ll first try to do a few with the green band then go to green + red for the rest.  NO MORE BLACK BAND! and my coach suggested that i work on pull-ups after every WOD.

i never thought i’d be inspired to do a pull-up.  i don’t have any upper body strength but here i am, making a goal to do unassisted pull-ups by the end of the year. yikes!

outside and elmos

love my tender hearted child.  these elmos have become outside toys (by accident! i left them out one night and they were rained on.  poor elmos) and he found them with leaves all over them.  he picked them up, dusted them off, greeted them with a hug and ‘it’s good to see you!’

sometimes, he’s just too much. 
IMG_0231copysmall IMG_0232copysmall IMG_0235copysmaller

the challenge – day 15

didn’t feel good about this day.  let’s get to it.

bfast: cottage cheese

snack: greek yogurt and blueberries

lunch: cottage cheese

snack:  dark chocolate (a LOT) and a banana

dinner: hawaiian chicken

three servings of dairy and an entire bar of dark chocolate.  as i’m looking back at this written down, it’s obvious to me that i need to be getting eggs and/or meat in the mornings to fill me up so that i’m not craving sugar in the afternoon.  i’m thinking about making deviled eggs sometime this week (probably not tonight, i’ve got CrossFit) so that will help.  i’m not a person that uses the word ‘busy’ lightly.  i think you can find time to do stuff so when i say that mornings are busy, i mean it.  there is only one day a week where i don’t have a morning appt to get the kids ready for and sometimes even that doesn’t work out (like today!).  anyway, this is my new goal for the year.  learn to make breakfast on the weekends or a week night that lasts a few days.

technically, i didn’t cheat (and dane did encourage me by telling me it wasn’t ice cream or gluten) but i’m docking a point.  i don’t deserve all points for the day.  the goal is to eat healthy (getting a variety of nutrients and protein) and that didn’t happen.

points: 2


children’s museum



i did not take a single photo with my DSLR in january of this year.  how sad is that?  it was just a really sad month for us so i didn’t have any motivation.  but i vowed to do better (and we vowed to do more fun things!) so here’s another set of photos of my big man at the fort worth children’s museum.  it was his first time (well, he went when he was 4 or 5 months old) and he had a blast.

the cash register/grocery area is a HUGE hit with everyone but it was so crowded that he didn’t stay long. 

his favorite, of course, were the trains and train tracks.
IMG_0192 IMG_0195 IMG_0196

sitting in a big dinosaur footprint.

building windmills with dad.

ha.  i love his face here.  this was a paper airplane launch pad and caleb wanted to do it all by himself, being two and all, but most everything was too big for him so he was getting frustrated.

watching the big kids spin things around on this disc.

building prisms on the light tables.

this was new for me.  it was a huge peg board with tons of colored squares.  you could move them around to make designs and such.  pretty cool.

afterwards, we needed all hands for both of our kids (T had been sitting in the stroller) as we finished up at the museum then headed to lunch.  then naps and a movie later in the evening.  it was a FULL day but so much fun!

the challenge – days 12, 13, and 14

i have no idea what all we ate.  i’ll just add tally the points from what i remember at the end of the day.

day 12 – 2 points

day 13 – 3 points

day 14 – 2 points

weekends are hard to eat right, right? i always have high hopes but then i never want to cook.  but i did get in a tough WOD on saturday morning.  they are known for being really long (remember, most of our workouts are around 10-15 minutes) and tiring since everyone will most likely take off sunday.  or, if you’re like me, you take off sunday AND monday. 🙂 yesterday, i was completely sore but i’m feeling better this morning.  not waddling anymore.

so i got in 4 workouts this week! yay!

now that we have a week left, how am i feeling?  i generally feel pretty good since we have been trying to eat healthier this year. i don’t notice an extra pep in my step or anything, but i’ll tell you when i don’t feel good.  that’s when i eat too much sugar.  my ‘cheats’ are usually sugar related and this weekend was two sweet teas.  i usually get half sweet tea/half regular tea because i can’t handle the taste anymore (am i still a texan??) and i feel it’s only halfway cheating but dane forgot that when he went to taco bueno and ohmygosh it was pure sugar.  within 3 minutes (hadn’t even finished it yet!) i had a headache and just felt terrible.  i had a headache for the rest of the day and it was my only true big cheat so i know that’s what caused it.

and btw, i’m winning!

alrighty, one week left!

the challenge – day 11


bfast: 1/2 cup cottage cheese

lunch: tuna fish salad

snack: 2 dark chocolate squares

dinner: McAlister’s (Mickey A’s) half soup half salad meal

if you notice ‘good’ eating days it’s because i was extremely busy!  had an appt for the baby all morning and then came home to do some chores and then the baby threw up right before nap.  all while my friend was here waiting for us to do a bible study!  just craziness.  but i did go workout which was helped with my stress levels.


3 rounds of

300 jump rope buy in (do this just once when the timer starts.  it’s really supposed to be 100 double unders but if you can’t do them then you have to triple your amount)

15 overhead squats

400 meter row

I did it in 13:30.  I was pretty disappointed in my overhead squat.  I did them for the first time on tuesday and worked my way up to 35#.  I thought i was struggling because my body wasn’t used to doing that movement.  yesterday, for some reason, i could barely hold the 35# bar let alone squat with it!  i wasted about 10 seconds of trying before my coach went and grabbed the 25# bar which was terribly easy but i didn’t have time to add 5# to try.  i was pretty defeated (the prescribed weight was 65# so i’m not anywhere near that!) that first set but then took the opportunity to race through everything to get in a good cardio workout. i felt pretty good about the jump rope and 1200 meter row.  it wasn’t easy at all, but i can feel i last longer before completely losing my breath.  i’m glad for the break after this, though.  i’m really sore from 3 workouts in a row!

points: 4

the challenge – day 10


bfast: greek yogurt

snack: coffee…not so tasty anymore.  only drank half a cup

lunch: leftover chili

snack: crackers (boo!)

dinner: paleo wings and sweet potato fries

since we try to stay away from processed foods our grocery bill takes a huge hit.  while i plan the bigger meals i don’t buy enough snack stuff so we run out by wednesday or thursday.  hence the breakdown of eating half a sleeve of Ritz crackers for a snack.  i knew dinner would be a late one because dane didn’t get home until 7:30 and i talked myself into thinking i was hungrier than i was. 🙂 oh, well, not too terrible.

workout: with dane!!  yay!  we tried to resemble the WOD at my gym as best we could without equipment.  it was

1 burpee + 1 thruster with a kettlebell at 1 minute

2 burpees + 2 thrusters at 2 minutes, etc.

he made it to 6 minutes with 4 thrusters and i completed 7 minutes just in time. 🙂

points: 3



monks, caleb’s beloved stuffed monkey, has been around since his first Christmas.  it was a gift from my brother and it is now one of his bestest friends.

when he first came along, he made caleb laugh.  now caleb makes him laugh.  and talk.  and cry.  and get in trouble.  this impromptu session came about after i pulled monks out of the dryer and handed him to caleb.

“oh, it’s good to see you monks! i’m so glad you’re awake”, he said, hugging and swinging him in his room.  it was probably the cutest thing i had ever seen and i almost died right then and there.

i thought that would be a great opportunity to get some photos of them together so he can look back and remember his buddy.  it didn’t really go as planned.  once the camera came out, he immediately stopped hugging monks and started trying to pose him.  monks was not very cooperative and had to be scolded many times.

caleb honestly thought he was being super helpful by holding him up.


here’s one by himself.  it’s a task to get his head to stay upright…not much stuffing left in his neck.
and this is just a classic caleb face lately.  i kept trying to get him to put his arm around monks.  he kept looking at monks then looking at me like, “what’s the problem, mom? we’re ready. just take the picture.”

and this is my monkey.  dane came back inside and i had him snap a few photos of us. 

he likes to climb on my back.  i’m glad he’s still somewhat little.

things got a little crazy after this…as most things go with a 2 year old monkey boy.