Reflecting and moving forward

How did you do on your goals?

1. memorize 30 verses – I memorized James 1…does that count? I’ve been reading more bible throughout the day, less memorizing.

2. become licensed foster parents- Done!

3. lose 20 lbs- I’ve lost 5 inches around my body but weigh the same…does that count? Lol.

4. serve Jesus better – my motto this year has been “I want to do what You want me to do”. It has helped my heart turn more quickly in times of trial. Still need much work to be done on my selfish heart.

5. spend more time alone with dane – total FAIL if I ever saw one. 😦

6. pay off debt – paid off $9000. Not a fail since we always aim high in this area.

7. book 12 portrait sessions with clients – 15! And then a few side jobs, not portrait work.

8. read 52 books- I read 50! That was fun. I want to do this again.

9. read through the bible- finished early December. Pretty neat book. 🙂

10. meet weekly or monthly with a fight club or discipleship group- yes! I did take a break from may-July when my friend got her babies and I got T, but then I started another bible study and have been with them since (with breaks in between).

Wow. What a great year! If I wouldn’t have written these out I would have thought our year was pretty bland. It’s hard to see past the daily grind, but it was a hit.

Now onto the next…

100 things for 2013

Juuuust kidding. I don’t like lists that much.

We’ll keep it at 10

10 things for 2013

1. Daily prayer journal- I used to love this habit. I’m bringing it back. Along with big hair from the 80’s.

2. Spend time with Dane- lets face it…this hasn’t been a priority for us this past year. It’s just fun and good for both of us. I’m shooting for once a month dates. Seriously needs to happen.

3. Eat better, be fit- so vague, I know, but I just joined a crossfit gym so I’m hoping the accountability will help. I can’t really make specific goals yet because there are other issues with my body. More on that at a later date.

4. Pay off debt- yep, still here. And it will be here until it’s gone!

5. Read 52 books- again, so fun and a great challenge.

6. Organize my house- with pretty containers and everything. No drawer left trashed, no space left unturned.

7. One project each month- I don’t know what they will be. I have ideas, though…add decor to kid’s rooms, finish photo albums, sew a shirt, etc.

8. Book 15 portrait sessions- intimidating with my schedule now…

9. Learn 12 songs on piano- one a month because it takes me that long since I don’t practice that much.

10. Do what He wants me to do- so often I don’t pray over my decisions. I want to pray more, read more, abide in Him at all times, and just push everything else out. Have peace and clarity about ministry and life.

Alright, let’s get to it!

One comment on “Reflecting and moving forward

  1. mom henson says:

    Wow! I feel like such a sluggard! JK. Proud of you for charging forward and having goals. They don’t usually work for me, but maybe I should try?

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