Things I don’t like

1.  When Caleb throws up in the car only after watching his little brother throw up right beside him…in the car.  Then having to hear them both scream on the way home (10 minutes) and then stripping them down in the front yard (still screaming) and then getting puke all over myself while failing miserably to release the carseats from their covers.

2. Having a sick baby for 4 days who cannot keep down any liquids.  And who no longer laughs or smiles or does much of anything except lay on your chest for hours.  FOUR days.

3.  Saying goodbye to Caleb after not really spending much time with him for the last four days.  He stayed with my aunt and uncle because we thought we might have to take T to the hospital.

4. The thought of spending time in the hospital again.  I’m afraid they’ll admit T on Monday if he’s not better.  It’s an awful place to be.

5.  Endings of really great books.

6.  Melissa McCarthy, my most beloved actress-friend, being in 3 rated R movies in the next 5 months.  Why?

7. Rated R movies.

8. Having insomnia after running 5 miles earlier in the day and getting 4 hours of sleep the night before.  I miss sleep.

9.  Downton Abbey Season 3 not being released until January 27th, 2013.  How am I supposed to add you to my Amazon wish list for Christmas???

A “Things I love” list is coming soon.  It’s needed.

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