backyard photos

i really love our backyard. now that it’s cooling off it is such a great place for Caleb to play at various times in the day.  this was while dane was grilling and we had the back door open so caleb could come and go.  i saw him sitting in his truck and the light was coming in just right.  inspired me enough to actually pick up my camera.  love his shaggy hair.

3 comments on “backyard photos

  1. mom henson says:

    My heart stops! Even though I know Caleb is his own person, I see his daddy all those years ago with the same expression. Love my boy so very much and it is such a blessing to see bits and pieces of him re-created in our Caleb Man!

  2. tara says:

    he is getting SO big! love the shaggy hair, too.

  3. auntie cole says:

    these are so so so so perfect. i love them. i love him!

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