letter D week

I am naming each week by the letter, but it’s really not the main focus.  I’ve gone back to my Montessori roots…er…something like that.  So although I will have letters of the week, it’s just secondary to the real life skills I’m teaching my little man.  I’m completely throwing out the curriculum I thought I liked.  ha.

Last week was supposed to be letter E and I was supposed to post letter D activities.  But last week was one of the hardest weeks we’ve had so school didn’t happen.  we’re back at it again this week and I’m catching up.

i don’t really like craft activities for kiddos so young because they have many steps.  so i’m trying to do just one or two step crafts so he can progress.  this was his first time gluing.  it was for day 6 of creation.  i cut out a bunch of animal photos from magazines and he made a collage.

learning language: “dinosaur, diamond, and dice”  i like to do this for each letter.  you present three things that are contrasting objects and say them over and over and let him feel and play.  good way to remember them.  when dane asked what letter he was learning he would say, “d-d-d dinosaur”.  so, he’s getting it!

cork painting the letter D.  again, one step craft.

dinosaurs in water beads.  not really ‘work’, but really fun to play in!  we did talk about the difference between ‘hard’ and ‘soft’, but i’ll be presenting that officially (montessori way) this week.

played “doctor” with daddy.

field trip to dinosaur world in glen rose.  he LOVED this.  then my niece showed up and he was in heaven!

Again, this is just a tiny glimpse into our school days.  Letter E coming next week!

One comment on “letter D week

  1. Dinosaur World! how fun! I wish we had one of those around here. 🙂

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