henson homeschool

we officially started homeschool yesterday.  i’m so glad we started activities with him at 13 months because this was an EASY transition.  he was kind of stressed about sitting at the table because we always do activities on the floor on a serving tray.  but today he went straight to his char.  i’ve had a lot of questions about curriculum and planning.  i am, by no means, an expert on 2 year curriculum.  i am a mathematician and taught high school math.  ha. but i’ve mentioned before that i worked at a research center (with 2 year olds) so i know a few things that work well.  i also looked up several different objectives and thought about what *we* wanted our 2 year old to be like.  all that mashed together came out as our curriculum.

2 year old objectives taken from everywhere:

 -know several bible stories and worship/memory verse songs
-know his full name as well as his family’s full name
-know his town and state
-know the alphabet and recognize letters when written
-know numbers 1-10 and recognize when written
-be exposed to colors and shapes (know all primary colors)
-increase fine and gross motor skills
-know how to follow directions
-understand manners and self care
-make believe with objects
-use classroom materials appropriately
-transition well
-sort objects by an attribute
-recognize patterns

Here are my categories for our school day:

Bible, Language Arts, Social Studies/Life Skills, Music/Arts, Math, and Extra/Fun.

I’m using ABC Jesus Loves Me as the base curriculum because it’s free online and they have all of the printables available.  But, like i said, I’ve added a lot of other stuff as well to ‘fill’ in the other categories.

We’ll see how the first semester goes and whether we want to move him up to the 3 year old curriculum.

Here’s our week.  Not everything is done at the same time.  the motor skills are usually done in both morning and afternoon:

Monday – Pray, then read Genesis 1 page 1 in the Storybook Bible, talk about creation, talk about character traits, Color red circle, color letter of the day, scavenger hunt around the house for red things, eat red snacks, bowling, and singing songs.

Tuesday – Pray, read Genesis 1 page 2 in the Storybook Bible, talk about creation, talk about character traits, read Llama Lama red Pajama, color red shirt, talk about clothes, pick out clothes, red play-doh, dance.

Wednesday – Pray, read Genesis 1 page 3, talk about creation, talk about character traits/social skills, creation #flashcards, start our apple tree number book, sing creation song, sorting activity.

Thursday – pray, read Genesis 1 page 3 again, make days 1 and 2 of creation book, stacking blocks, make coffee filter earth.

Most weeks will be only 3 days. I’d love to add a ‘field trip’ category each week or every other week.  It would be awesome, but i’m still trying to find a rhythm with my two kiddos!

2nd quarter resolutions update

because i’m just that nerdy.

1. memorize 30 verses – i have at least 20.

2. become licensed foster parents – didn’t happen in 2nd quarter, but it’s completed!

3. lose 20 lbs – still 15 to go! ha.  BUT my new meds seem to be working.  been on them for 28 days. hopefully this will help since i have been eating better and exercising consistently for the past 3 weeks.

4. serve Jesus better – ugh.  got a placement and i feel i’ve been sucking all the service towards myself.  need to keep it balanced!

5. spend more time alone with dane – we did pretty well with this during the 2nd quarter, but we haven’t been *really* alone (out and about without kiddos) in 7 weeks. still working on arranging something with our new placement.

6. pay off debt (ok, maybe this one will be).  our goal for 2012 was to send $1500/month to loans (we had about $18,000 left). we weren’t able to send ANY money in april, but with our tax refund and staying diligent in june we have still averaged $1175/month so far this year. (we didn’t send any for july so we really need to send a lot on august in september if we want to reach our goal!).  we now have $11,000 left.  we need $2200/month to get it paid off by this year.  AKA, a miracle. 🙂 the good news???  dane is completely debt free!!  we started paying off his debt first because he had many different loans with smaller balances.  now all we have left is my one, huge loan. ha!

7. book 12 portrait sessions with clients – i have had 7 sessions.  i took the summer off to focus on our new placement.  i hope to get back into shooting in the fall.

8. read 52 books.  i have read 35…almost done with 36.  about 5 books ahead of schedule.

9. read through the bible – i am currently ahead of schedule.  i read a lot while i was in the hospital with T.  it says i’m 50% through it.

10. meet weekly or monthly with a fight club or discipleship group (apart from bible study) – tori and i haven’t met since my last update due to our placements, but i have joined a ladies bible study on monday night with a group of 5-6 girls.  we’re going through hebrews and it’s been really great for me.