summer bucket list – tour de pepper

i’m gonna write everything out first with these posts…i wanna remember it all.  it’s gonna be long, so you can skip ahead to the photos if you want.

1. on friday, june 8th, we pulled out of our house around 6:30pm in the damon’s jeep.  the night before our car started acting up so we had to borrow theirs last minute.  it has no A/C and we had to cram our bikes and all our things in the back.  i fought bitterness for the first hour of the trip, but then i got over it.  if i learned anything from traveling with my granny all across the United States, it’s that something will go wrong.  not everything. and it may not be that big of a deal, but something will go wrong.  and you just go with it.

2. we arrived at the gorman dairy queen around 8:30 where my mom and kinsey met us there for dinner.  kinsey and caleb play so well together and i just burst with joy when i’m around them.  we got to my parent’s house a little later and let the kids play in the sandbox outside on the porch.  it took awhile to get them ready for bed, but a few books helped.  we all crashed around 11pm.

3. dane, caleb, and i left the house the next morning at 7:10 a.m.  we were 10 minutes behind because we couldn’t find caleb’s shoes!  we needed to be in Dublin by 7:30 to get our bikes and numbers together.  not to mention, this was our first ride and we wanted to check out the area and have time to get set up.  anyway,  we didn’t find the shoes so caleb rode the tour without them. 🙂  it was just a 9 mile trek, but it was extremely difficult!  my granny had warned us there were 4 big hills.  but she left out the other 20 medium sized ones.  i have a hard time with any incline with caleb behind me so it was tough, but we never stopped to walk and we were the 2nd family to cross the finish line! i did get nauseous the 2nd half of the ride for a bit, but i think it was because we were in a rush that morning and i didn’t get enough to eat.

4. i didn’t have my camera all morning so we just have phone photos of us finishing.  but you can see our stats from the ride below.  afterwards, we left caleb with my mom and aunt while we took a shuttle back to the high school (where the ride started) and took showers.  we had planned to take showers at my granny’s house since she lives in dublin, but we were sweaty and we had someone to watch caleb for awhile.  well, we didn’t have towels and i forgot my undergarments and flip flops.  everything totally reminded me of our trips with granny because every stop was new and you had no idea what to plan for.  but we came out smelling a little better and feeling a lot better.  then we headed to dollar general to grab some snacks and other things i forgot. 🙂  i will say that the $1 flip flops i bought weren’t half bad.  oh, and my mom bought caleb some $4 water shoes so the elderly women of dublin would stop commenting on his bare feet. lol. parents of the year right here, folks.

5. we met back up with my family around 11:00 to watch granny cross the finish line.  she rode the 34 mile!!!  she’s 70!!!  she crossed at 11:25 and then we all went over to the rest area for the bikers and watched the awards. caleb was pretty much done after that so the three of us headed to granny’s house to eat lunch and take naps.  C got 3 hours, i got 2 hours, and dane got 1.

6. around 3:00, my sister, michael, kinsey, mom, and granny came to the house because they finished walking around at the celebration festival.  since dane and i didn’t really get to see everything we headed back up there while caleb slept another half hour.  my sister and michael came along.  we did the tour of the plant and it was SUPER short.  i’ve probably been 5-10 times in my life when they were bottling dr. pepper so i forgot to take photos until the very end.  and i was expecting there to be more!  but, it was dane’s first time and it was pretty fun.  then we went to the soda shop and bought some new T-shirts and bumper stickers.  then we ran into my uncle (he’s the general manager of the plant) and he told us all about the sand sculpture.

7.  we hung out at gran’s for a few more hours then headed back to gorman to get our things and then drove out to the lake where my dad and his side of the family were staying.  i didn’t take any photos out there because i was pretty exhausted and it was super hot.  besides, we were only there less than 24 hours and we did a lot of sleeping and lounging around.

check out that max speed!  31.5mph!!  we were flying down the first downhill, but that was it!  haha.

being tourists in our matching shirts in front of the plant

that’s right, i’m no longer a Pepper!

my sister and michael eating/drinking a Triple XXX rootbeer float. yum!

all the ‘new kids’ that were announced.  i tried most of them and cherry limeade is my favorite!

all the new flavors on the backs of the celebration shirts.  they were playing us a sweet song on the piano.

granny with her GREAT grandkids.  i remember when that was my sister and me. 🙂

lots of driving.

caleb was stuffed in the backseat with the bikes and luggage.  but he had monks and bear with him so he was good.

drove into the lake just as the sun was setting saturday evening.

trips and events like this are pretty difficult with a little one, but overall we had such a great time and it made me miss living close by my family.

there’s just no one like them.

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