summer bucket list

happy summer everyone!! so we’re starting a few weeks early (i mean, c’mon, it’s 95 degrees in texas right now!) and ending a few weeks early.

isn’t summer great?  swimming, popsicles, movies, grilling out, beach, no school, etc.

but y’all, texas’ summer was unbearable last year.  in fact, it was the HOTTEST ever in over 100 years!! and we went 70 days with 100+ temperature weather which broke a previous record in 1980 of 69 days.  our electric bill TRIPLED three months in a row. we could not catch a break!

so this year we’re not going to let the heat bring us down, we’re going to take advantage of the longer days and someone else’s air conditioning (library, anyone?) and take our minds off the short season that eats all our money.  after talking it over with dane, thinking about our budget, and factoring in things that would interest a 2 year old we came up with a list.  some of these things have been on our ‘list’ for 6 months or more and we just never get around to doing them.  life, work, ministry comes first and we look up after several months and realize we haven’t done much ‘fun’ stuff.  we also wanted some of the things to be easily attainable but also new to Caleb at the same time.  there’s no magic formula.  it’s really just about making time to have fun with your family.

so without further adieu, i present to you our….

what’s on your list?

One comment on “summer bucket list

  1. mom henson says:

    I love your colorful list and hope you can check each and every one off! My list: See Jack (in person), Fly back to the cool California weather, Pack up the house we live in, move into our new house as it is being renovated, Take in a San Francisco Giants game, Get plugged in at Westgate, Meet Sarah’s boyfriend and entertain them in San Jose, Head to Oregon for Katy’s wedding and squeeze in bike rides, hikes, walks and fun!

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