caleb + grandma outside

i should just create an entire series for these posts.

we’ve been so blessed to have dane’s mom stay with us a few days a week since she is in town waiting (stille!) on the arrival of my nephew.

here they are last week just playing in the backyard one morning.

watching our neighbor work on his house.

and one of me on vacation.  it’s nice to have a grandma around. 🙂

3 comments on “caleb + grandma outside

  1. Heidi says:

    Super cute flip flops for you! And ever cuter photo subjects!

  2. lisahenson says:

    Oh how I can’t get enough of my Caleb! He is a joy and I love to have play dates with him, read to him, eat with him and watch Sesame Street with him. If Jack tarries, I’m headed over for some more!

  3. sarahwwjd24 says:

    be still my heart…..I want to be there! LOVED this post!

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