final FINAL list…i think

it is the final list until CK sends us more items.

BUT we have been assigned a case worker!!!!!

which in foster world is known as your new best friend since you communicate so much with them.

1. fix koi pond – we have a plan, now we just need to get it done. maybe next weekend.

2. floor plan – we made one for our fire inspection, but it needs to be more detailed

3. home inspection – just need to get the pond filled in!

4. CC book review – i mean, this would take 5 minutes…just keep forgetting to ask dane for it.

5. whole life adoption review – oh, look!  we need to read another book! and write two more reviews! we just found out about this a few days ago.

6. background checks – need these for peeps who will be over at our house frequently. i think i am missing 3 and only need ID’s for 3 others.

also, to be officially licensed, we just need to have 1-3 done!  our new deadline is 5/28.



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