just updates for today

– my bestest friend is about to have my nephew.  she is due today, but it looks like it’ll be a few more days until he comes.

– so my mother-in-law is here for his arrival (and has been since may 3rd!) so she has been splitting time between our two places.

– my house has never been cleaner!

– my son has never been happier!

– i feel like i’ve been on vacation!

– and i may or may not have completely changed my living room to something more awesome.  photos soon!

– i HAVE taken some photos of our events, but there’s been no time for editing/uploading.

– i also have another updated foster list with more stuffs to do.  i’m finally learning that each week there will be something new that we forgot about or has been added. new deadline for our license is now June 1st.

– my niece turns 5 on friday so we are headed to stephenville (if my nephew isn’t on his way down the birth canal that morning) for her party.  i’m excited to see family again!

– on a whim, we bought some bikes at a garage sale.  we got C a seat for my bike and we’ve been riding somewhat regularly the past 3 weeks.  we hope to find a good routine for our family to ride twice a week.  dane rides his to the train station everyday now.

– i still hate money.  we kinda ran out of it this month (already!) and the summer is coming.  the hot, hot money eating time of the year.

– 2 year olds are so freaking fun. mine can now name colors, identify numbers, and talk in complete sentences.

more tomorrow.  or never.


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One comment on “just updates for today

  1. lisahenson says:

    Life is so sweet when I am sharing in the lives of my precious family here in Texas. Building memories as we wait for little Jack and I am so grateful my man let me be here!
    Someday soon this foster/adoption process will be complete and your home will be filled with even more love. Looking forward to it!

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