the FINAL list update (as promised)…

it’s may 2nd. and we’re not finished yet. :/

we didn’t get much done this weekend.  i had Project Mom in Dallas all day saturday (6am to 6pm) and then a session on Sunday.

but, we did cross off one thing…our FINAL training session!

we haven’t made the time this week so the goal this weekend (even though i have two sessions) is to GET IT DONE.

well, mostly.

1. photos (this requires me to have my entire house clean at once which hasn’t happened the past week.  or it was and the babe went down for a nap so i ended up not doing them until he was awake…and then i just never did it. tomorrow?)

2. seal holes (EDIT:  i was just informed by husband via the comment section that he already did this! yay!)

3. fix koi pond

4. weather strip (we’re thinking this is a house manager issue now.  not sure if we can fix it ourselves)

5. home inspection

6. disaster relief stuffs (just need water and a little more food)

7. bank bags

8. required reading

2 comments on “the FINAL list update (as promised)…

  1. Dane says:

    Actually, I sealed the holes guerrilla style… right under your nose. Check!

  2. lisahenson says:

    Ha Ha! Good job Dane! If I can help in any way, let me know and I’m there!

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