if you see my husband…

please tell him that he was amazing this weekend.

that those words ‘our lives revolve around each other’ was the best thing i could have heard at that exact moment. and that i will never forget them.

tell him ‘thank you’ (from me) for bringing the laptop 2 hours roundtrip because i forgot it for my presentation. the same laptop he let me borrow and loaded my presentation for me.

also, could you just high five him for not only being the best dad to caleb but to ALL the other kids that he knows and that he will ever meet.

tell him to hurry home (alive!) because i miss him, just being near him.

k thx, bai.


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One comment on “if you see my husband…

  1. lisahenson says:

    AWWW! My heart is full with love that God has blessed us with our Dane. He is truly a fine man, gifted by God with a very tender heart and the most perfect wife for him.

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