ok, but seriously, this is the final list

wow, what a week we’ve had.

this time last week, we weren’t even halfway through our home study (which went well!) and i was wondering what the other side of it would look like.

here we are!

we didn’t do too well during our home inspection so now we need to fix a few things and she will come back and inspect again.  i do appreciate how nice she was about everything, but we were pretty bummed to find out we had quite a few things left to do.

the FINAL (it better be!) LIST:

1. Photos (the agency needs photos of our entire house, inside and outside.  i completely forgot about these since i was waiting on the nursery.  i’ll get these done tomorrow!)

2. Seal Holes (oh gosh, there are two places where the coax cable comes up through the floor.  what the heck???  anyway, dane cut the top, pushed the cable back through and now there are two holes that need to be filled.)

3. Fix koi pond (apparently the renters before us had a nice koi pond in the backyard which is now dried up and considered a tripping hazard since it’s filled with jagged rocks and debris.  our kid is alive, but whatever, we’ll fix it. i guess.)

4. Weather strips (our floor is rotting by our backdoor so there’s a nice open area for bugs and weather to creep inside.  we’ve managed to live with it, but i guess we’ll fix that, too.)

5. Home Inspection (2,3, and 4 need to be done before we can call her again)

6. Disaster Relief Stuffs (we didn’t know about this!  this is a new requirement for Covenant Kids effective in February.  we did our training in November so now we need a box of non perishable foods, water, and various supplies that will last us a week)

7. Bank bags (for medical purposes)

8. Required Reading (we are FINISHED with this, but dane still needs to write his last report and then I’ll send it in)

9. CK Handbook Training (happening this Thursday).

i know it seems like i’m being kind of a brat about fixing some of our home inspection issues.  truth is, i want a safe house for our kiddos.

hopefully, at next week’s check-in this FINAL LIST will be slashed in half (at least!).

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