how is this much happening right now?

1. i’m going to whole foods today for the first time by myself.  i have only been 2 times.  once with my friend, viv, in which case i didn’t purchase anything but lunch at the deli/restaurant and once in california with my in-laws who payed for 3 days worth of stuff for all of us who were vacationing (and i remember it adding up to our entire month’s bill for groceries).  i’m kind of scared.

2.  there are 4 things on our foster list.  by friday, there will only be 1.  and by next friday i hope we are officially approved to be licensed.

3.  had a garage sale yesterday.  we woke up at 7:30 and just pulled everything out of our garage.  every few hours i would come in the house and find more stuff to sell/give away.  we made $140 and only had one truck load to take to a resale shop when we were finished.  success!

4.  i felt so hungover this morning after a full day yesterday.

5.  i love our kid.  we were able to leave the door open most of the day since it was nice so he just went in and out as he pleased, watching a movie or coming to visit new people.

6.  our kid has not been sleeping well at night.  we lay him down at 7:30-8:00 and he doesn’t go to sleep until 10:00!  he doesn’t play, cry, or talk.  he just lays in his bed and kicks the wall.  it’s been happening for 2 weeks now.  poor guy is totally done by 11 in the morning and usually takes an early, short nap.  we’re working on figuring out what’s going on with him.

7. we could have a newborn in the next month.  ohmygosh.

8. or not.

9. we have no nursery.  our home study is in exactly 48 hours. it’s on the to-do list for today.

10.  because we had a garage sale yesterday, my house has been neglected.  i plan to deep clean every room tomorrow.  who’s coming over to help?

11.  friday was date night.  the last date night was march 9th.  we were excited to double date with our pastor and wife to see the hunger games (finally!) and then dane had to stay late.  and then his train was cancelled. and then we couldn’t make it to the showing.  and then i cried.  and then we just ate at five guys. and then we went to old navy.  but,  it was still nice to get out.

12.  caleb’s birthday party is saturday night.  i’m pretending it’s next weekend so i don’t freak out about it.  it’s about 5% ready.

13.  i am still tutoring on mondays and wednesdays evenings.  i have 3 more sessions.  i’m still nervous about my student.  her big test is on the 24th and i hope all the hard work will pay off.

14.  i’m glad i only have 3 more sessions.  my next tutoring job will only be once a week…two nights is too much for us.

15.  i am memorizing the book of james.  i only have 4 verses down right now, but it TOTALLY paid off on friday night with my almost-meltdown.  scripture for the win.

16. on our trip to ikea (45 minutes away) last week, dane and i did a ‘mock’ home study just to prepare our minds and hearts.  it was maybe 10% like the real deal.  and it was hard.

17. we met a couple who just celebrated their 55th wedding anniversary.  they came and bought a few things at our garage sale.  i asked the wife for some advice on how to make it work.  she said, “oh, there will be many ups and downs, but you have to remember to pray together.”  they were hilarious together.  and then we got to hang out with our neighbor.  all day.  🙂

17.  a lot of people that we encounter and talk about fostering with think we are making a big sacrifice.  90% of the time we are asked ‘how will you let them go back?’ or some variation of that.  thing is, nothing in our life is a true sacrifice.  i think of God and His sacrifice for us.  how He sent His son, Jesus, knowing He would take on the sins of the world and DIE.  He already made the sacrifice for us, so we never have to EVER again.  can i really compare my ‘sacrifices’ to His?

19.  nope



One comment on “how is this much happening right now?

  1. Way to go! You can do it! I can’t wait to read about your upcoming adventures, the Lord is going to knock your socks off with love and provisions for being completely obedient to His command of love and sacrifice!

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