easter egg hunt

you probably remember last week when DFW was hit with 17 tornadoes.

since i was sick over the weekend, i didn’t get out to see the watered trees and grass until saturday.  everything was so lovely.

then sunday morning it rained and poured.

and rained.

and rained.

and rained.

i invited joel and nicole over for dinner and told them we would have an egg hunt after caleb’s nap.

i was so sad about having to move it inside.  we had been inside all weekend and i knew it would be gorgeous once the rain dried.

well, it stopped raining for a while and we braved the wet and the mud.

my kid was a mess.

like,  take-all-your-clothes-off-on-the-porch-before-you-come-in mess

it was fun.

he was so proud for putting them in his basket that he cheered for himself each time.

he only picked up about half of them…he was too busy opening each one even though they all had the same thing. 🙂




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One comment on “easter egg hunt

  1. lisahenson says:

    AWWWW! He looks so cute and I so wish I could have been there. This is the next best thing though. Can’t wait to see him and spoil him next month!!

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