‘the list’ update

one week until our home study!  how did we do this past week on ‘the list’?  let’s just say we got things moving in order to complete them THIS week.

1. buy crib – (i mean, seriously, we really need one of these.  i got sick over the weekend so this ruined our plans of buying one. also, all our money was stolen out of our account temporarily so there was that, too.)

2. TB tests – (dane and i have to do this AGAIN next week.)

3. Floor Plan – (who has time to come and measure each room in our house and then draw it out??)

4. First Aid Kit

5. Fire Inspection – (back and forth with messages)

6. Home Inspection – (probably happening next thursday or friday)

7. Required Reading (Dane is finishing up the last book)

8. CK Handbook Training (April 26th)

GOOD NEWS, though.  we only have to complete #1 (along with getting the nursery together!!!) for our home study.  Everything else can (and probably will) be completed afterwards.  we just ran out of time!

our home study will be turned in and it will (hopefully) be ‘approved’ once everything else is done.

our plan is still to be ‘approved’ by the 1st of may.

ok, so, april 17th.  1pm. write it down on the calendar and pray for us!  we are having a garage sale this weekend to get rid of a bunch of junk and also clear out the nursery so i can get started on putting it together!  it will be pretty bare for now, but

easter pics coming soon.

i think.

One comment on “‘the list’ update

  1. lisahenson says:

    It’s on my calendar and I’ll be praying! Approval is just around the corner. Can’t wait to see the Easter pics! I hope and pray you are feeling better and that C is healthy as well. Love you!

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