caleb’s ‘little man’ invitation

(blurred out our address, but you get the idea)

i’m learning how to be better at designing with words.  this was my first attempt at working really hard with an invitation.  i realize now the front banner is too small…i just have an issue with words taking over my baby’s picture!!! 🙂

remember his from a year ago?

he really has turned into a little man!

all my family that received an invite has called or texted about how cute caleb looks in that tie.

truth is, he hated it.

which is funny because he LOVES wearing necklaces and medals.  the kid, at some point or another in the day, usually has something around his neck.

originally i had wanted to get him all dressed up in suspenders and tie and fedora (who am i kidding?  i would never put that much work into dressing my kid! lol) but didn’t have time to get those things so i thought, ‘well, at least he’ll enjoy the tie’.


we practiced at home.  he would wear it for 1.4 seconds then yank it off (or try and then get frustrated).  so we let him take it off, trying to coax him into wearing it a little longer.  this went on for 20 minutes.

finally, he wasn’t hysterical so we headed out to our spot and took some chocolates with us.

here’s how it went:

1. position caleb

2. put on tie

3. tear off tie

4. give chocolate

5. position caleb

6. put on tie

7. tear off tie

and on and on and on

for about 10 minutes.

FINALLY he left it on and i got 5.6 seconds of him just standing there, looking straight at me.

so that’s the shot i got for his invite.  the only vertical shot that would work for the invite in my head.  thank you, Lord!

here are some outtakes…

chocolate face

poor kid, tortured during every birthday photo shoot…

hopefully he’ll have more fun celebrating than preparing. 🙂


3 comments on “caleb’s ‘little man’ invitation

  1. lisahenson says:

    Oh my GOODNESS! I love the first four pics!!!! They are adorable. Don’t let mamaw see those crying pics though or I may have to step in and prevent future torture sessions! 🙂 I would rather believe he thoroughly enjoyed every second of his “shoot”. 🙂 JK Love your work AND your subject!

  2. sarahwwjd24 says:

    Can I just say that I LOVED this post!! As soon as I got the invite I rushed over to compare it to last years and I was amazed at how much he’s grown up! Your new invite is PERFECT! And its a testament to your mad photog skills if you only had a few seconds to capture it and it was UH MAZE ING! I seriously would have thought you had the best shoot ever based on the picture for his invite. you’re brilliant. LOVE YOU! Wish I could go!!!

  3. Kelsey says:

    Did the tie say “my mom is hot” on the backside?? Lol.

    Happy almost 2nd birthday Caleb!

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