Home Study has been scheduled!

I talked with our social worker yesterday and our home study has been scheduled for April 17th!

here’s our updated list

1. TB Tests (everyone is taken care of, but i’m having issues with my doctor’s office getting the paperwork to me!)

2. Floor Plan (with fire evacuation plan)

3. fix sink leak (they didn’t come the day they had told me, but came the next day when i wasn’t home!)

4. buy crib (going to ikea soon!)

5. buy dresser

6. mattress (i think we might be getting this tonight)

7. box for changing table meds

8. first aid kit

9. home inspection

10. fire inspection

11. adoptive family required reading

12. CK handbook training (april 26th)

somehow, someway numbers 1-10 need to happen in the next 13 days.

i was getting a little stressed out just now, but i stopped to pray and i feel much better.  i trust God to help us take care of this.

please pray with us!

One comment on “Home Study has been scheduled!

  1. Heidi says:

    I am so excited for you & Dane! You are always in my prayers. As I look at your list, I find myself thinking that if every parent went through this checklist before they considered bringing a child into the world, there would be no need for foster care. Praise God your family is following His leading. I know anyone coming into your home will be truly blessed.

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