april verse

wow.  the task of finding just one verse to focus on the season of Easter.  it was challenging.  do we focus on His death, resurrection, all of it, etc….i don’t believe you can pick a wrong verse, but i do believe we can read through Scripture and not really get an understanding of God’s Word.  that’s why i pray the Lord would reveal a passage or specific verse before i even start designing anything.

honestly, i thought it would be matthew 28:6 (“He is not here, He is risen…”)  because i love the way that is stated.  i don’t think we will fully memorize an entire passage or just one verse, but rather, memorize the ‘story’ and the events and even the significance of God’s details with Passover, etc.  (sooo excited to be having a Seder meal with our community group this year!).

here is what He has been laying on my heart lately.


even though God sent Jesus (John 3),  told Jesus what to do (John 6), and Jesus was God and could perform miracles, etc (John 8), He willingly gave up His life for me.


i can’t say that i would have believed in Jesus then.  i would have probably kicked, laughed, and spit at him.

i know because i do so in my heart when my lust has given birth to sin.

but, i believe in Him now.

my family will study the events leading up and including the resurrection and crucifixion, but this verse makes me think of how GRACIOUS Jesus is!

He gave up His life, willingly, to take on the burden of our sins. my sins.

thank you, Jesus.

thank you, God.




2 comments on “april verse

  1. lisahenson says:

    That is BEAUTIFUL! I love the Scripture!!! Thanks Shababe, for keeping our minds on Him.

  2. lzaffos says:

    I’m excited to print this for our home. Thanks for taking the time to create it. And I am so excited for you to take our pictures!

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