1st quarter resolutions update

i just sent my hubby a 1st quarter update on our LOAN PAYOFF PLAN and thought i would post about all of my goals for this year.

1. memorize 30 verses – i think i have 10?  doing pretty good with these.  hope to keep it up.

2. become licensed foster parents – almost there! got a call from our social worker. our home study will probably be scheduled within the next month.  and there’s only 15 things left on our list!

3. lose 20 lbs – this one is always hard.  i have lost some weight eating paleo, but i hover around the -5 range.  so, 15 to go!

4. serve Jesus better – i am so awesome at this! jk…needs some work.

5. spend more time alone with dane – yay!  good news! we have scheduled date nights now and are really getting to spend more alone time together.  way to go team henson!!!

6. pay off debt (ok, maybe this one will be).  our goal for 2012 was to send $1500/month to loans (we had about $18,000 left).  we knew this was going to be tough since last year we only averaged $650/month.  BUT i’m happy to report that so far this year we have averaged $1185/month!!!  we hope to play catch up with our tax refund.  statistically, may and june were our hardest months last year so we could use some prayer to stay diligent in giving and paying off debt.  we currently have around $14,300 left.  we really want to have it all paid off by december 31st.  we have a lot of work to do!  but, we started with $43,500 (all but $3000 was student loans!) so it’s getting smaller.

7. book 12 portrait sessions with clients – i think i have booked 6 already! yay!

8. read 100 books.  i changed this to 52 right after i made this.  one book a week was my goal.  according to my profile on goodreads.com, i am 5 books ahead. which is great, because i haven’t been reading much.

9. read through the bible – i am all caught up in my chronological bible as of today!  i’m in joshua right now.

10. meet weekly or monthly with a fight club or discipleship group (apart from bible study) – i meet with my friend tori (although we’ve had to cancel the last two times) and we are currently going through Beth Moore’s James Study.  She has been such a great mentor.  I’ve talked about her before. She is a foster parent and has been such a great example for me in this whole process.  I want to be like her.

that’s an update if i’ve ever seen one!



6 comments on “1st quarter resolutions update

  1. sarahwwjd24 says:

    I am SUPER DUPER excited for how you’re doing on your goals!! Keep up the good work! As I read my chrono each day (or every 4 days…whatever) I think of you knowing you’re in it too. I am also SOOO excited about your debt pay off. You guys have already done amazing and I can’t wait to see the post that says you’re debt free!! Your scripture memory and foster parent stuffs is going amazing too! And keep up the good work on the pounds. Its probably one of the hardest ones on your list but I know you can do it. And i’ll be praying for your home study as well as your hard months financially. LOVE YOU!

  2. sarahwwjd24 says:

    ARG!!! I typed out a long and awesome comment and It got sucked into cyber space. It was basically as follows:

    – YOu are doing an awesome job on scripture memory and foster stuff! I’ll be praying for the home study!
    -Everytime I read my chrono (which is like ever 3-4 days…meh) I think of you and love knowing that you’re in it too. So great!
    -I’m so excited for you to pay off debt! its amazing to think of how all that monies can go into savings or whatever after you’re debt free. I look forward to the “debt free” post 🙂 I’ll rejoice with you too knowing i’m headed that way also. Keep it up!
    -The poundage is probably one of the hardest things on your list but i’m already super proud! You’re already doing great and if you average 5 pounds per quarter you’ll definitely be at your goal by the end of the year.
    -I’ll be praying for your hard financial months. I LOVED this post!

  3. sarahwwjd24 says:

    ope…hahah it DID work the first time. enjoy my amazing comments.

  4. lisahenson says:

    Sarah said it all! I, myself, was exhausted after reading your post. I haven’t worked that hard in years, there are some “perks” to being old 🙂

    DEBT FREE! What sweet words. You two can do it if anyone can.

    I love you mucho!

  5. lzaffos says:

    Awesome. Love your goals. Love your heart.

  6. lzaffos says:

    Awesome. Love your goals…and your heart.

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