what we have left

last week we received an invite-only email to the LAST training session from our organization (Covenant Kids). this is only sent to those who have almost completed everything and usually have 4-6 weeks left until licensed! we could not be more excited.  each day the Lord has solidified this calling on our family.  even little Caleb’s heart.  i know things will be tough (that’s usually how God’s calling works), but i know Caleb loves kids and knows that we love him.  i can only thank God each time we are with friends with new/old little ones and being able to watch our son love on them, too.  he has never once been jealous of our attention for them.  and that has only made the process easier.

i told you we are currently working on the things from the ‘Documents List’.  there are 33 things on that list and a few weeks ago we had crossed off 25 (or somewhere around there).  well,  some of those items are more than just one step (like preparing for your Homestudy…that has 20, at least!).

so i made a new and FINAL list.  when everything is crossed off this list, we will be ready for our homestudy and ultimately ready to become licensed.  ready? here we go…

1. TB tests (dane and i have ours done, we need to get the paperwork to send in.  i take caleb tomorrow for his and then to check his results on wednesday)

2. Photos (need to have photos of front and back of house as well as any kid’s rooms…this will have to wait until after the nursery is put together)

3. Floor Plan (need a blueprint of our entire house with correct dimensions and emergency exits noted)

4. Adoptive Family Required Reading (there are two books.  we have each read one.  and written a small report. on wednesday we switched so we’re half way there!)

5. CK Handbook Training (April 26th.  this is the final training i was talking about!)

6. Fix sink leak (we put in a notice to our landlord so we’re waiting on them. grrr)

7. Fire extinguisher (this is on dane’s list…i have no idea where you would even get one)

8. buy crib (trying to sell a few things before we buy the one we have picked out)

9. buy mattress (my friend says she has one for us! yay!  need to pick it up.)

10. buy sheets (prolly target or thrift town)

11. bed for caleb? (we’re not sure if our case worker will mind that our toddler sleeps on a mattress on the floor. ha.  they shouldn’t, but we might get him a bed anyway)

12. buy box w/lock for kitchen meds (meds have to be double locked)

13. buy box w/lock for changing table stuff (yes, even diaper cream)

14. rid hazardous toys (need to go through caleb’s toys and put away those that will fit through a toilet paper roll.)

15. buy first aid kit

16. car seat and base (my friends said they would give me their infant one!  now we just need the next size up just in case! also, did you know they expire?  the one we used for caleb just turned 5 years old (my niece will be 5 in may!) so we can’t use it.)

17. bassinet (even though our new room is bigger, we don’t have enough space for the bassinet we used for Caleb that we borrowed from my sis since we have a desk.  and after going through the newborn days i did a lot of research on a good sleeper and think i found one we will like.  trying to find a good one on Craigslist or Kid2Kid)

18. schedule home inspection (NRH has to make sure we know how to store food and that our house is clean! we can’t do this until #1 and #6 are complete)

19. schedule fire inspection (NRH has to make sure we are ready for a fire! can’t do this until #7 is complete)

20. baby girl clothes (this isn’t necessary since that’s what the foster stipend is for, but we would like to be completely ready for any infant/toddler to make the transition easier. a lot of friends said they would help with this, too! yay!)

21. diapers (we’re going with cloth and we only have enough for Caleb.  but my sister just told me she wants to help in this way so i think i got that covered.  at least half of what we need.  yay!  i love my family!)

22. dresser (again, not a necessity, but it sure does help with all of those newborn clothes and blankets.

so, that’s it.  that’s everything (we hope!).

please pray over this list.

pray we are efficient.

pray there are no hangups.

and pray for our future baby!



One comment on “what we have left

  1. Heidi says:

    You can get fire extinguishers at Costco, Home Depot, Lowe’s, etc. 🙂

    I always feel like I’m “spying” on you guys when I read your blog – but I am keeping you in prayer! I think you guys are doing something wonderful, and I will always feel like you are part of my family!

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